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Melz talks about Education

So what is the union doing this exam period?

Here at LUU we want to support you through your exams as much as we can! And that’s why we have a jam-packed schedule with support literally around the clock!


This year for the first time ever we have taken the step to open the Union 24hours a day, so that if you are doing that unfortunate night shift you have somewhere relaxing to come to. You can use this space however you wish – it’s here for you!

It’s open every single day except the bank holiday weekend (27th – 30th May), so make sure you utilise this space whenever you need to.

Or just pop in to grab a cheeky free hot drink!

Space 2 Relax

The Space 2 Relax is back! Located in the Tree House (behind Essentials), delivering you the most chilled space to relax or revise. It’s open every weekday from 10am – 6pm offering a wide range of free hot drinks as well as ample wonder water. There’s arts and crafts, mindfulness colouring sheets and pens and even yoga mats.

So make sure you check it out over the next few weeks.

Free Breakfast

The classic free breakfast is on its way back too! From the beginning of exams you will be able to sink your teeth into a free hot sandwich from the Terrace or some lovely cereal from the hidden café. So make sure you’re in uni before 9am as the breakfast is served 8 – 9am.

Be that early bird and get the worm! 


Beyond these the Union continues to offer our key services such as student advice and a good old night out so if you need support or less conventional ways to destress, you know where to come! There are also still a number of stress breaking Give it A Go sessions you can take part in. Next week is Mental Health Awareness week as well so there will be a number of mindfulness activities going on so keep an eye out!


All the best with your exams and hand-ins!

All of the love,

Melz xox


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