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Gambling: when the dream becomes a nightmare


By Lauren Fongauffier

For many of us, winning the jackpot is a dream and this dream can lead us to gamble. There are many different reasons that lead to gambling such as financial issues.


Today, there are so many different games we are spoilt for choice. Playing the lottery, buying scratch cards, going to the bookie's or trying online casinos or bingos, are only a few examples of the games that are becoming increasingly popular. However, playing responsibly is the key to staying out of trouble.


Most of the time, one starts playing with small amounts of money, such as £5 or £10. However, the small amounts quickly add up and before you know it, you have spent more than initially planned. Most often, people who win small amounts feel encouraged to play again and end up losing their gain. Playing when you can afford it is not a problem. However, if you become a regular gambler, you can start losing a lot of money and carry on gambling in the hope of winning back the money lost. The risk with gambling is that it can quickly become an addiction and that all your money is swallowed up.


Having this addiction means that you will not be able to stop gambling. Addicted people often sell their possessions to get more cash, borrow money from friends and family, and even steal. They can spend thousands of pounds in a short period of time. They end up with high amounts of debt that they cannot repay, and of course, this can destroy their lives. For the people who steal money, jail might be just round the corner.


Gambling online is even more quickly addictive. The games are available 24/7 and because you do not hold any cash in your hands, the spending seem unreal and the amounts small. Therefore, you tend to spend more. However, the money on your bank account will soon vanish. The best option to solve money problems is to avoid these games and seek advice.


If you think that you have an addiction to gambling, you can find help on the following websites:


1. This website provides support, information and advice. It has a forum which is open 24/7, a chatroom, and helpline Advisers who are available from 8am to midnight, 7 days a week.


2. This website can help recognise the signs of problem gambling, and will guide you on how to manage your gambling. It also provides information and support.


3. Here, you will find a live chat, a forum, a 20 questions test, meetings organised in Leeds, information and advice.


The student advice centre has an addiction clinic every Thursday 2-5pm; appointments can be made through the student advice centre.


Don't let games ruin your life.


This blog was inspired by a Leeds Student article that can be found here:



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