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Jess talks about welfare

Fri 09 Sep 2016

Suicide - It's time to talk. You are not alone.

If you are thinking of taking your own life, it may feel like there is no other way out, but...
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Wed 09 Mar 2016

Today we offer our Solidarity to Junior Doctors

Today we offer our solidarity to the junior doctors that have trained for years, only to be confronted with a...
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Mon 15 Jun 2015

Instant Messaging. Instant Advice.

Just in case you’ve missed it – the Student Advice Centre have launched a new instant messenger service! If you...
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Tue 12 May 2015

Staying safe. Staying in control.

I’m aware of the recent attempted assault on Saturday and the worry around the assault in Beeston, along with...
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Thu 12 Feb 2015

Welcome to the World of Welfare!

The deadline for Leadership Race nominations is almost upon us, so I wanted to give you a quick insight into...
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Tue 09 Dec 2014

Have Your Say #LeedsVotes

Education, education, education Did you feel fundamentally different the day you turned 18? Because I definitely didn’t. So why...
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Fri 29 Aug 2014

Let's Talk about Loans

We can help Recently I've seen an increase in credit products being advertised on social media and if I...
Thu 06 Mar 2014

A lifeline for #SaveHealthcare

Since late 2012, the School of Healthcare has been under review due to the belief that the courses were not...
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Mon 06 Jan 2014

Not so sober January

Indulging in alcohol over the festive season may have spurred you on to do ‘sober January’, not drinking for a...
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Mon 02 Dec 2013

Not too taxi-ng

So you’ve had a great night out with your mates and you’re ready to go home after your...
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