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Melanin Magic 

Celebrating every wonderful woman of colour from 13 - 24 March. 

Melanin Magic is a fortnight of events celebrating women of colour.  Come and hear about the Feminism of Grime, listen to inspirational women speak about challenging the common narrative and watch documentaries and films exploring the lives of women of colour.

Feminism & Grime

14 March 6:30pm – 8pm

Free Entry

Feminism for me is about human relation to the patriarchal system. This means asking ourselves how does patriarchy affects men as well as women. We live in a culture which feeds notions of masculinity to men from as soon as they enter the world which can often be extremely toxic. How do we create a culture where that doesn’t happen? There is of course no one answer but despite constant dogma pertaining to the topic, I am of the opinion that rap can and has provided a successful means of dealing with patriarchal masculinity.

Seeing the Beauty in Colour with Culture 

15 March 6:30pm – 8pm

Free Entry

Jay and Tri from Curlture will be joining us to talk about self-love and beauty for women of colour. They’ll be challenging white, eurocentric standards of beauty.


Film Showing followed by Discussion: Dear White People 

16 March 7pm – 9pm

Free Entry

A satirical comedy drama about the experience of some African American students attending a prestigious college in a landscape of rising racial tensions.  Discussion to follow.


Melanin Millenials 

18 March 6:30pm – 9:30pm


(Unfortunately this event is not child friendly)

Imrie and Satia are inviting you to join them for a live recording of the popular podcast. From December 2015 they have been serving tea, side-eyes and clapbacks. As a result, they have watched the congregation grow in response. So they feel it's time to bring the conversations directly to you. Their first live show will be an intimate gathering to discuss the hot topic of the week. The Ladies will be joined by a special guest, Grime MC and Leeds University Education Officer Melz for a no holds barred debate.

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BAME Women in the University Exhibition 

20 – 24 March All Day          



Hijab: Unveiled

21 March 4:30pm – 7:30pm

Free Entry

There's more to Muslim women, than how they choose to dress. Join us for a number of exciting workshops led by pioneering Muslim women. Busting stereotypes with self-defence, poetry, first aid, foreign language and more! There's lots to get involved in at this inspiring convention in collaboration with the Islamic Society.


Muslim Women Who Slay*
*Slay: Verb The act of doing something with great skill and brilliance. Girl, you slay!

22 March 7pm – 9pm 

Free Entry

Samia Afzal, Zinia Khan, Hareem Ghani and Zara Mohammed will be discussing the significant contributions made and the challenges faced in current narrative of Muslim women in society.  Exploring topics around intersectional feminism in the face of Islamophobia and the challenges that they face, as well as what inspires and motivates these women to be vehicles of change.  Join us for what promises to an insightful discussion.


Documentary Screening: Anomaly

23 March 7pm – 9pm

Free Entry

Explores the lives of American mixed race women their feelings of separation and confusion as the endeavor to mark out their identities.

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