We're the student's union of 30,000 students at Leeds, and we're currently getting excited about the Leave Leeds Tidy Collection days!
We know that where you live is as important as where you study, so we’re here to support you in your local community as well as on campus.
These pages are here to help you get the information you need about being involved in your local community and make the essentials of living in Leeds a little easier.
If you have any questions about community related topics, or anything on these pages, why don't you drop us an email, or come in and see us in the Opportunities office on Level 2 of the union building. 


Guide To Leeds


A guide to Leeds is created by you. Find out students' favourite places to eat, drink, shop and visit in Leeds and West Yorkshire, or if you've been somewhere great submit your own! 

Creating Change in Leeds     

Whether it's through reps, forums or the local council, as a resident of Leeds you can help bring about real change.


Living In Leeds


When living in Leeds there can be a lot of questions around housing, safety, waste and trasnport. Find the answers here. 


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