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Life After Leeds

So you've finished your studies and are wondering about what happens next. Do not fear, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions relating to money, housing, careers, medical issues, alumni benefits and what Leeds has to offer to graduates to put your mind at rest!! 

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Is there any help managing the costs of living away from home after university?

LUU offers loads of help and advice to graduates living both in and away from Leeds, including:

Advice on money for for Graduating students

Help with budgeting 

Information on the cost of living

Council Tax FAQ

The Money Saving Expert Home and Contents Insurance Guide

Click on any of the links above for more information. 

Won't I have to start paying my student loan back if I get a job?

No Student Loan repayments will be expected until the April after you leave University! Following this, the amount you earn before you have to start repaying your loan depends on the year you started University. The amount you repay depends on what you earn and will be taken directly from your pay. 

 Find out more at the Student Finance Repayment site here.

What is a credit rating and how does it affect me?

Money Saving Expert has a guide on what a credit rating is, what information they use to decide it and how to improve it, available here. 

How much will I be taxed if I have a job?

For all your tax queries check out LUU's Guide to Income Tax and National Insurance, available here. 

What help is there for me if I can’t get a job?

LUU Careers Services want to help you find the perfect graduate job! However, if you are unable to find work you may be able to claim benefits using the Benefits Guide on our website. 

You could also contact the Careers Service for guidance, and use Universal Jobsmatch to help search for a job. 



Although getting a professional let may seem really complicated Shelter can offer you loads of great advice on where and how to start looking, what to check, and what you'll need to provide.

LUU also has lots of tips for happy house hunting- If you’re staying in Leeds, try to rent from a landlord who is a member of the Leeds Landlord Accreditation Scheme – these landlords agree to meet higher standards and there’s a complaints procedure you can use if things go wrong.

o   If you are happy with your current landlord, ask about staying or if they have any other properties. Many ‘student landlords’ let to professionals too, especially as there is a big surplus in the student market.

o   Need a reference? You can ask your current student landlord, including the University’s Accommodation Services.

For help if you have problems with housing look at the following links:

o   Leeds City Council’s Housing Options Service and Private Rented Sector team.

o   Shelter’s website is a great source of information on housing rights and you can call their helpline on 0808 800 4444.

o   LUU’s Student Advice can still help after you've graduated if the problem relates to something that happened while you were a student (e.g. getting your deposit back from your landlord).

o  Information about local advice services from Advice Leeds


How do I go about finding a graduate job in Leeds, and what support is there for me?

The Careers Service offers students guidance on starting a graduate career, contact them here to find out how they can help you. 

If you’re interested in staying in Leeds the careers centre has lots of information about local jobs, available for you here

The careers centre also advertises a wide range of national and international jobs, to search their vacancies go here, you can login the Careers Job site for 5 years after you graduate. 

If you’re interested in temping you should have a look for recruitment agencies, here’s a link to some that are in Leeds. You can also use Universal Jobsmatch to help search for a job

What if I want to continue my studies?

You can find the Leeds University Post Graduate Study Programme here, or look here for further study at other institutions


Alumni Benefits

Do I get any benefits as a graduate of the University of Leeds?

The Union and University still have lots to offer you after you've graduated. Have a look at our "You're invited onto Campus" guide for a roundup of the latest events going on, on campus!
As an alumni you can still be a member of societies, to see what we have to offer look at clubs and societies. If you're interested in theatre and music check out Stage@Leeds, or one of our many specialist music societies. 
Check out for more information on the benefits of being a University of Leeds Alumni. Includes discounted Edge membership, discounts on postgraduate study and discounted library membership.
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