We're the student's union of 30,000 students at Leeds, and we're currently getting excited about the Leave Leeds Tidy Collection days!

Community Reps

Our Community Reps commit 2-3 hours a week during term time to help identify and feedback issues affecting students' lives in our community. They endeavour to improve communication and understanding between students and more permanent residents by active involvement in local groups, committees and projects, and by representing their views and ideas at Better Leeds Forums. They attend regular meetings and work with the other Community Reps and the Community Team at LUU on lots of different campaigns and initiatives!

They also meet with local Councillors and MPs to raise awareness of the issues affecting students in Leeds, They can help you to run campaigns and projects, and make sure student's voices are heard all across Leeds.

To see what our previous Community Reps got up to, have a look at our video!

We have recently recruited the new Community Reps for the 2015/16 academic year:

Positions avaliable are:

- Arts and Culture Rep, linking students up with opportunities across the city of Leeds, and ensuring there is student representation across the arts sector in Leeds.

- Crime and Safety Rep, helping to improve student safety across the city

- Environment Rep, helping students improve their local environment and representing their views on sustainability issues

- Housing Rep, helping students have a better housing experience in Leeds

- Social Justice Rep, representing and helping students run local campaigns around inequality in Leeds

- Transport Rep, improving transport links and services for students 



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