We use democratic elections to choose the people that will speak and act on your behalf. That means they're your opportunity to choose who represents you.

Every student at Leeds University can vote in the annual Leadership Race, while other elections may have certain requirements – you must be a current resident of a Halls of Residence to vote in its Halls Rep elections, for example.

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Current elections

Representative elections

The Leadership Race 2018

The 6 successful candidates of this election will become the new Student Exec for LUU - representing all 34,000 of you, our members, on everything from the content of your course and the range of clubs and societies on offer, through to recycling where you live. From how much a meal deal costs in Essentials, as well as what support services you can access and making sure that we represent every kind of student - no matter your background, nationality, faith or sexuality. The six officers are also trustees of Leeds University Union for 2018-19. The editor of The Gryphon is elected alongside the Exec, taking charge of your student newspaper for the next year - holding the Exec and the Union to account.

7 posts are up for election.

Nominations open at 09:00 on Monday 1 January 2018 (in 15 days)

The polls open at 08:55 on Monday 26 February 2018 (in 10 weeks and 1 days)

Post List
Read more about the positions up for election and what each role entails.

Superhero Test Election 2017

This is an election to test our new voting system.

2 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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Clubs and societies elections

Secretary EGM

Election for a new Club Secretary

1 post is up for election.

Nominations close at 23:59 on Tuesday 19 December 2017 (in 2 days and 17 hours)

The polls open at 00:00 on Wednesday 20 December 2017 (in 2 days and 17 hours)

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No elections are currently running

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