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Candidate for the position of Community Officer




I love living in Leeds and want to help make it a safer, greener, more co-operative place.   I’m a third year International Development student with a lot of enthusiasm for a student activism.  I’ve been involved with a number of campaigning societies including PSG and STAR, have been volunteering in the Green Action Food Co-op, and I volunteered for a year with a mental health charity working with refugees in Harehills.  

If elected I will:                                                     

·         Campaign for better, safer housing and take action against rubbish landlords

·         Help more students find local volunteering opportunities

·         Continue to encourage students to cut down on waste, and the council to properly collect recycling from LS6

·         Promote initiatives to support vulnerable groups off campus, by supporting Reclaim the Night and establishing a voucher exchange scheme for asylum seekers

·         Support community-run spaces, such as the Peanut Gallery and the Royal Park School campaign

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