We use democratic elections to choose the people that will speak and act on your behalf. That means they're your opportunity to choose who represents you.

Candidate for the position of Equality & Diversity Officer

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Gellar Day

Vote for a better day


- Hold talks to outline access points into Union Democracy.

- Commit to research and initiatives to engage the most disenfranchised students the Union represents.



- Free menstruation products in all bathrooms.

- Launch an intersectional accessibility guide for Union events with recognition of most accessible societies/events.

- Push for mor eflexible deadlines and assessments

- Ensure staff have up-to-date training.



- Monthly meetings with the LibCos

- Be a resource and source of experience for organisers during history months.

- Make the LibCos an established route to empowering marginalized students.


Why Me?

Genderqueer, pansexual and disabled. My lif ehas been guided by the push for equality and recognition of diversities I embody and those I do not. As your E&D Officer, I would bring this same passion and dedication I have as LGBTQ+ Treasurer, Transgender Liberation Coordinator and aiding the organisation of LGBTQ+ History Month for the Union. I have experience campaigning, organising and voicing opinions even if they're unpopular. I'm not afraid to stand up and fight with you for the experience you deserve.

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