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Candidate for the position of Equality & Diversity Officer

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Tamsin Scott

You only get one Scott, so make it count.


Tamsin Scott, #1 For E&D - You Only Get One Scott, So Make It Count


What I Want To Do.

LGBTQ* Awareness

  • Improve links with sexual health clinics to give LGBTQ* students more support.

  • Introduce trans* specific education within all schools.

  • Sexual Education workshops to increase awareness around LGBTQ* issues.

  • Continue working with LibCos to make sure every student, regardless of personal differences, has a platform to speak and be heard.


Inclusive Union

  • Global English used throughout the year within LUU to make it easier to navigate.

  • Book swaps within the LUU to allow students to engage more with other courses and get more for their money.

  • Cross year tutor systems to allow new students to  engage with their course without as much pressure.


City Links

  • Continue work done by the Leeds Community Project to collect sanitary products and other essentials  for people in Hygiene Poverty

  • Work with societies and the union to increase links to welfare organisations within the city, increasing the amount of events and support available to students.

  • Work alongside employers to make sure students with part time jobs are treated fairly.


Hi, I'm Tamsin! I am a third year Cultural and Media Studies student from Wakefield, and I am hoping to be your next Equality and Diversity Officer! I am the Bisexual Welfare Officer for LUU's LGBT* Society, and I'm a School Rep for my home school of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies. So far, I have organised LGBT* specific events within the society, primarily focusing on the bisexual community, and worked with staff to arrange a Health and Wellbeing Day for my school, which is the first of its kind. I have had such a wonderful experience at Leeds University, and would love to give back to the students union that has given me so much. 

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