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Candidate for the position of Union Affairs Officer

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Ileyas Mogeh


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#1 for Union Affairs


Our Rates

* Lowering prices at Union outlets.

* Increasing the number of Union outlets available on campus.

* Free 1 year society membership for every student


Our Voices

* LUU app: easy access to events, representation and mental health uspport.

* Union debates with well known guest speakers

* Campaigning for NHS nursing bursaries

* Awareness and education of hate crime support.

* Greater transparency and accountability of the exec.


Our Spaces

* Sleeping pods.

* Clarks (hip-hop night out) takeover of Pyramid alongside Fruity Fridays.

* Barbershop/salon.


Who is ILEYAS?

I am an MA student, was the POLIS School Rep in my third year and now also a Post Graduate School Rep.




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