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Candidate for the position of Education Officer

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Fungai Karigambe

Don't vote for any guy, vote for The Fungai!


* FREE printing credit allowance for all students

* Removal of late library fees for a better, fairer system

* Fight against any future rises of tuition fees

* Lobby for the re-instatement of NHS Bursaries for health students



* More study spaces throughout academic year

* More engaging and interactive curriculum through more use of technology with seminars/lectures

* More digital copies of core text books

* Push for more diversity reegarding teaching staff recruitment & showcase achievements of minority groups in curriculum



* More help & support for students struggling academically and mentally

* Student mentoring initiative for undergraduate & post-graduate students to take part in with intrinsic rewards

* Student support staff in all faculties


I'm a 3rd year studying BSc Business Economics. I'm currently Equality & Diversity Rep at the business school including being on the student teacher forum regarding equality within the business school. I was also a part of the AIM programme which organised charities events. I stand out because a lot of what I've wrote I've experienced first hand. Making me even more passionate to not want any other students to experience this. I want every student to have a pleasant university experience if I'm elected.

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