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Candidate for the position of All Members

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Patrick Duddy

I have the power of god and anime on my side!

Hello all, I’m Patrick. I am a first year physics student and I’ve been a weeb, degenerate and wannabe mad scientist for about 3 years now. Below is my manifesto and it includes the ideas I want to try and put in place if I become president.

First off I would like to introduce the idea of a recurring show. This would be a show that after multiple viewings is decided upon that we’re going to watch it for the following weeks. This would help to provide continuity for multiple viewings. And allow me and others to watch cute mummies more easily.
Secondly, I’d like to do the voting just after the specific episodes summaries, rather than after all of the summaries have been completed. This would help speed it up as we wouldn’t repeat things, and also would help people to remember what the show is while they’re voting. This would prevent distractions by cat girls.
Also on summaries I think that after a week or two people generally know what a show is about, so condensing the summary to a line or two would help speed up voting.
Another point I’d like to change is the emphasis of tags about a show, as often it is explained what happens in a show, but not necessarily what genre it is. I know that the tags used to be on the PowerPoints, and I’d like to bring them back. Shows need more clarification such as Darling into FranXX which is kawaii Robot wars, but doesn’t sound like that, at all.
As my last major point, I would like to try and get more regular meetings outside the weekly society meeting, such as the monthly film night, or the recent bowling. I have found all of these events really enjoyable, and just want more of them. These regular meetups could range from more bowling, to themed viewings or even anime game nights. We need to fight the stigma that we never leave our houses.
So a quick summary is:
1. Recurring show
2. Voting as we hear summaries
3. Summarised summaries
4. Bring back tags
5. More regular meetings outside of weekly meeting
Thank you for reading, and I hope you consider voting for me.

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