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Candidate for the position of All Members

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Ilse Hughes

Just your average cosplayer, but one to count on to make it work!

Hi all, Ilse here! I am a first year doing fashion design, as some of you guys know I have a passion for anime as well as cosplay and want to spread this love. In doing so I will be running for President of the Anime and Manga society. Why should I be elected? I’m a great people person, easily approachable, I'm good at explaining things and helping people understand if they need more detail. I am able to organise others and work with others efficiently.

Enough about me now on to the real reason why you are reading this:

Firstly, I hope to work with my committee to make the society for all of you but also by us listening to what you all want; to do this I will be making a forum through google docs where you personally will be able to give us suggestions to improve the society as we go along but as well anime suggestions to add to the viewings.

As being a part of the school of design I have access to a workshop I hope to talk to the technician in the coming weeks about doing a cosplay workshop once a semester for those who are interested. If this does fall through I hope to create a page giving suggestions and hacks to you cosplayers and how you can make it cheaper to do, but until then please check out: http://roosterteeth.com/show/master-and-apprentice as you can gain great advice from this.

Moving on to the topic of events I want to push forward the original idea of the Cosplay Ball, to do this I want this to be a big event at the end of the year with the other nerd societies and others.  On the calmer side of events booking events like karaoke and other nights out, going to the cat café and more events in Leeds.

To quickly summaries:

  • Suggestion/advice Forum
  • Cosplay workshop and advice
  • Bigger and better events

These are just my main points if anyone has any queries please just pop me a message; even if you don’t have a query I’m always up for a good chat.

Thank you for taking time out of you day for reading this, and to the others may the odds be ever in your favour!

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