We use democratic elections to choose the people that will speak and act on your behalf. That means they're your opportunity to choose who represents you.

Candidate for the position of All Members

Coran Sloss

Yo nerds, I'm Coran “Spicefreak” Sloss, the same guy who you all elected into this position just three months ago.

In that time I've dyed my hair and powered through illness to bring you all new show summaries for every single anime on the board. Series' “lives” are now more visible than ever and, while we're still ironing out the specifics, I assure you that the rules on what can and can't be brought in will soon be clearer than ever.

Plus, during the time that I've spent on committee, I've enjoyed chatting with you all more than ever, even making new friends on the society discord. And that is what I promised you when I got elected.

I promised gingerness, clarity and sociability. Three things that I have delivered on to the best of my ability. Though my hair has faded a little since.

Moving into what may well be my second term, I have been thoroughly enjoying the society's greater focus on joint socials and intend to play a larger role in their organisation in the year to come. Starting, of course, with the ever-popular Geek Night.

I'd say that a vote for me is a vote for the wacky and absurd but, let's face it, that's what AnimeSoc does anyway.

Instead, perhaps, consider me as reliability and commitment. A friendly face who's been with you now for more than half a decade.

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