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Candidate for the position of All Members

Zoe Trainer

Vote Zoe for Treasurer!

Hey everyone! I'm Zoe and I'll be running for the place of Treasurer. I'm a huge weeb and have been watching anime since I was a wee 14 year old. My favourite genres are shonen, thrillers, crime dramas (anything with a bit of edge) but even I need my kawaii fix once in a while!

I'm a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student, which means I'm pretty good with numbers, so I have the skills to handle society finances. As treasurer I would like to introduce more events that are free or inexpensive so everyone has a chance to get together, such as more anime showings, bowling and picnics (if the weather is nice for a change).

I would also like to work closely with the rest of the committee to come up with new innovative ideas for the society. I would like to work with the president and the cosplay secretary to explore how we could make cosplay more accessible to everyone.

My vision for this society is one that's friendly and welcoming to everyone. I'd like to help create a closer knit community of friends who nerd out together every week and have a great time!

Thank you for reading this! Yoroshiku ne 

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