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Candidate for the position of All Members

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Carys Morley

Count on Carys!

Hi friends! I’m Carys, and I’ll be undertaking an MA in English Linguistics next year. And, I’m running for secretary! WOO! Please take a few minutes to check out my manifesto.

 Essentially, I think the role of secretary could be hugely expanded. The secretary should be more directly involved with the members of the society as a way to improve communication between the committee and members, particularly in a logistical capacity. I believe the secretary role has space to facilitate this.

Here are a few ways I want to achieve this:

1)      A suggestion box.

A committee’s job is to represent its members. I would like to facilitate the implementation and upkeep of a suggestion box, which would be brought to every showing. I would then compile the suggestions and convey them to the committee, and keep a meticulous log of all suggestions. This will ensure the committee is consistently responding to suggestions, and will demonstrate at the end of the year the improvements we have made to the society. I’ll put snazzy cat related anime pics on it!


2)      Newsletter.

I want to send round a Fridaily newsletter summarizing Thursday’s shenanigans, reminding people of events, encouraging people to join the Discord server and to follow the Anime Soc’s twitter, and to generically remind people we exist! I know this is technically a thing now, but I think it should be more consistent, written by the same person every week who knows exactly what is happening when and what has already been conveyed – someone like a secretary! Also, there seems to be some issues with the mailing list that I’d like to address. I will remind everyone to expect a newsletter every Friday so you can tell me if you’re not receiving it. And I have a beautiful artistic template planned out! ;)


3)      Content labels.

I think we should be able to more directly discern what is or is not in a show in a more objective and implicit manner. I think labels on the slides are a good way to achieve this. For example, V for violence, N for nudity, BH for body horror, amongst others. This way, if you’re not a fan of horror, or a fan of a particular genre, you immediately know what not/what to vote against. I would research every show meticulously to ensure these more objective labels are used. That way, you can make up your own mind without people judging your taste!


4)      Genre mixes.

Speaking of which, every week, we should have an even mix of genres available. Spreading the shows out and ensuring a balance is kept every time we introduce new shows would be a logistic priority of mine.


5)      Event logistics.

I want to work closely with our lovely social secs to make sure events are logistically airtight, and well-attended. For example, I would want to send out a really detailed guide to our trip to Birmingham so everyone knows exactly what’s happening and when!

I have ample experience in secretarial roles. I have worked as a secretary for 4 months a year for 5 years now, have been a social media manager for a successful blog for 2 years, acquiring exceptional organisational skills and a weird enjoyment out of creating documents and making them look pretty. Also, I can type fast and all that boring stuff! I acted as president of the Democratic Society during my year abroad in the USA, and understand that the key to any society is listening to the members. Particularly in a logistical capacity, I want to improve communication between the committee and members. So, please consider giving me your vote! 


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