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President 2018

This election is to decide who assumes the mantle of President of the Anime and Manga society. There will be many trials and tribulations, but I can attest that ‘tis truly a noble calling of epic proportions. While the role and responsibilities may be a heavy burden for those that rise to greatness, you can rest assured that your name will echo down through the ages (or until the next season of anime rolls around). Are YOU worthy of this great and perilous honour?! (for more information speak to Aqua our recruiting agent in the ethereal plane) (Candidates with good organisational and people skills preferred; should ideally come with a good taste in anime, a reasonable dose of charisma, protagonist hair, some form of god-tier weapon, a royal/cursed/blessed/mutant/demonic bloodline, a powerup sequence and/or final form and a decent finishing blow; love interest/harem not necessary and will be provided during your work)

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