Governance & Trustees

We’re a charity that helps out 30,000 members to love their time at Leeds

The Board’s role is to oversee the work of the organisation, and set the strategic direction. As a general rule, the Board does not get involved in the political or policy setting side of the union. That is led by the students and officers through our Forums and representation.

Trustees also do not get involved in the day to day running of LUU; that is left to managers and staff.

What the Board does do is make decisions about LUU as an organisation. It makes sure that LUU is well run, that it has enough money to provide the services students want and makes sure that we are on track with our vision “Together, we will make sure that every student loves their time at Leeds’.

To help with decision making the Board also has five subcommittees. More detailed information and decisions are made here, and to help us with this, we have external professionals on each subcommittee, along with the trustees. These are people who have significant experience in that field of work so can offer different perspectives and support us with the challenges that we face.

Subcommittee Reports

Audit & Risk committee

This committee has the job of making sure that we have proper internal controls, and look at risks that might affect LUU. They review our risk registers and internal audit processes, as well as recieiving reports from our internal and external auditors. 

Annual Report for 2015-16

Appointments & Governance Committee

This committee oversees trustee recruitment, induction and development. It also reviews any legal issues that affect LUU and a charity and a company.

Annual Report for 2015-16

Finance Committee

The Finance committee has the job of monitoring our finances, including large-scale expenditure and budgeting. They scrutinze our financial results, commercial performance and spending.

Annual Report for 2015-16

HR & Remuneration Committee

The HR committee looks at issues relating to LUU staff. This includes things like pay changes, staff engagement, pensions, training and development and staff policies.

Annual Report for 2015-16

Marketing & Development Committee

This committee oversees the work we do on fundraising, marketing and communications. They consider alternative sources of income for LUU, scrutinise the results from market research with students and keep an eye on any changes in the sector that may affect LUU’s ability to deliver its plans. 

Annual Report for 2015-16

Activities Executive Reports

The Activities Executive oversees all activity groups, including formation of nwe groups, funding and subsidy applications, and any disciplinary issues. They also consider all aspects of the experience of activity groups at Leeds UIniversity Union.

Term 1 Report 2016-17

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