Develop, Fund & Transform

We’ve got a big pot of cash to support students who want to create sustainability projects in Leeds.

Through this project we are able to provide grants, support and resources to individuals or groups of students who have a fab idea about how to grab peoples’ attention and make sustainable behaviours more accessible and relatable to their friends, families and peers.

We’re looking to fund transformational projects, exhibits or campaigns to challenge the way people think about sustainability and make a big impact in Leeds.

Half of all the projects we fund must have some element of carbon reduction within them. This doesn’t mean that your idea has to be specifically focussed on carbon reduction; you should just try to incorporate it into the planning and implementation. For example, a project which encourages students to shop more locally would reduce carbon by reducing food air miles.

We want our funded projects to support as many people as possible to be more sustainable, so please consider how your idea would widen interest in sustainability and how you might try and engage people who may typically be switched off by this kind of stuff or who don’t hang out in the Union much.

Case Study: Home Grow Your Own

Home Grow Your Own was a Student Fund project run from February - December 2014 by Emma Simpson, a final year politics student from the University of Leeds. She used £1000 of funding to teach students and more permanent residents in LS6 how to grow their own food from seed.

Plants ranged from English peas to beetroot to lettuce, with attendees having three opportunities to be taught how to grow their own by Emma and her 10 volunteers, across 3 action days run in different community spaces around Leeds. The project provided a space for community members who might not normally come together to learn and share skills, as well creating a bit more life and greenery in urban areas. In total, 110 pots of veg were planted, 223 people were reached on social media and up to 20 people attended each session.

Home Grow Your Own also occupied space in the Leeds University Union building, helping students relax by planting up herb pots and edible flowers. Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of Home Grow Your Own as a small business once Emma has completed her degree!