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Seacole Hostel

This is a project run by Homed

Seacole hostel is the newest addition to the projects HOMED run.
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Seacole hostel is the newest addition to the projects HOMED run. Already we know it will be a fantastic addition due to the feedback we have been given by both the staff and residents. Those staying here at the hostel are often younger and awaiting housing, therefore a key focus is preparation for life in their new home.

 This Hostel will differ to the others in that one of the suggestions was to run “life classes”.

 The life classes will have a theme chosen by the residents each week, this could be talking/teaching about anything from changing a plug to how to cook nutritious cheap and healthy meals.

The things to bear in mind here are that us as students also live on a budget and we too have just moved away from home. So we will have an abundance of advice to give to the residents and we will hopefully share a few common worries or doubts about moving away and living independently.

As it is new, all ideas are welcome. We are looking for keen enthusiastic volunteers who are prepared to put in a little extra work to help us get the project here off to a good start.

In order to go to this fantastic new hostel, a CRB check will be necessary. If you are interested in this project and prepared to have a CRB check then please do let us know. The cost of the check should be between £10-£20.

Speak with Amelia or Rachel the co-ordinators if you are interested in helping them enable this project to meet it’s full potential. We are looking for a few extra co-ordinators for this forthcoming year. More details to follow, keep eyes peeled for the e-mail advertising for applications for this post.

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