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HiTECH Innovation

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Our mission and Vision 

We aim to develop a unique platform that facilitates cross-cultural and cross-border collaboration in the field of HiTechnology innovation, with a strong, but not exclusive focus on R&D within the UK and useful commercial HiTECH application in China. To this end, LUU HiTECH welcome, discover and support students of all backgrounds, disciplines and level of study with a vehement passion in this exciting area. We ultimately hope to develop and foster a strong culture of innovation and alongside it, teams of enthusiastic students who would initiate innovative start-up HiTECH companies that can make a positive change in the world through our support.

What we do

HiTECH aims to deliver well-designed activities that aims to tackle real-life modern problems via shrewd applications of technological innovation. Activities are included but not limited to interactive seminars, tailored networking and brainstorming events, bespoke training sessions and entrepreneurship competitions, as well as a diverse number of fun socials!

A more specific breakdown includes the following:

Fortnightly HiTALK – Usual time on Thursday Evenings (6-8.30pm): On distinguished academic research events with strong linkage to commercial application (previous topics branched into Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change).

Weekly HiTECH brainstorming social – Usual time on Friday Evenings (6-8.30pm): To discuss how application of existing or future potential technologies can solve real world issues and be feasibly commercialized to benefit individuals, society and mankind (Topics discussed includes same as above, with more areas to be covered). 

Business Competition Roadshows – To be hosted potentially (depending on demand) once a year for top teams at the business competitions organized by HiTECH, where they receive further support towards initiating and implementing their business idea. Previous support in 2016 included a prize money, free travel to China (for mentorship support from business professionals and networking with potential investors).

Socials - Usual time on Weekends (Friday to Sunday - Evenings): To enable members to have fun, get to know each other and network through design and implementation of diverse types of socials. Previous socials include House dinners, Movie nights and camping trips, with prospects of clubbing nights and games nights in the works.

How You can benefit

Our members will benefit from the strong link that we have built with senior academics, successful entrepreneurs, and business incubators both in and outside UK. Those group of people will assist and mentor our members to overcome different challenges in the process of starting their own business, such as the protection of intellectual properties, the guidance of legislations and policies, the mentoring of business plans, the raising of start-up capital, etc.

Meanwhile, excellent teams and individuals can get FREE trip to visit companies and business incubator in China. You will also enjoy opportunities to seek for potential investors for their projects.

For more details about us and what we do please visit:

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