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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Training times:

The Edge: Tuesday 20.30 -22.30 (no-gi)


Scramble Academy Leeds: Monday 19.00 (no-gi)

                                               Friday 18.00 (no-gi), 19.00 (gi)

Head Instructor: Gracie Barra brown belt, Liam Cann.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

For anyone who is looking to learn a martial art, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a truly great choice, no matter the reason in wanting to do so. Due to BJJ’s emphasis on technique, it is a sport that anyone can become good at with hard work. As Helio Gracie says, "men [and women] are made in different shapes and sizes with different athletic ability, [Brazilian] Jiu Jitsu makes us all equal."

In comparison to other martial arts, BJJ is relatively unknown, however, it is rapidly growing in popularity due to its highly effective style. Those who are fans of the UFC, or MMA in general, will know that BJJ fighters have been typically the most successful since the competitions origin with Royce Gracie winning UFC 1.

So what is BJJ?

BJJ is a unique combat sport that enables you to control your opponent through takedowns, submissions, and joint manipulation. Due to this emphasis on technique, it teaches you how to use leverage over strength through using your opponent's momentum and balance against them. BJJ is all about having a good ground game, and since 90% of fights end up on the floor, it is a fantastic martial art for self-defense.

At the Edge sessions we practice no-gi BJJ, which means you only need to wear regular loose gym clothes, there is no need to buy any special uniform. At scramble Academy there are gi and no-gi sessions meaning you can train in whichever you prefer.


The tuition is provided by professional instructors who have had MMA experience and excel in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; so rest assured, you will be in good hands. Usually, the 2hr session begins with a full-on warm up, which is designed to not only help improve your fitness and stamina, but also aimed at strengthening and conditioning. Afterwards, the instructors take us through 2 or 3 new techniques, giving us time to practice what we’ve just learnt. Finally, the session ends with sparring, which provides an opportunity for everyone to put into practice what they have learnt.

And if you’re still not persuaded…

If you are looking for a sport that is great exercise, fun, and a good way to improve confidence this is the sport for you. It is a very social club, and we have lots planned for this year. In fact, our society won a Riley award for ‘most improved society’ in June 2013, and we hope to continue improving. 


Social Media:

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On Instagram: Leeds_Uni_BJJ

Training Costs:

Membership £15 for the year or £9 per semester,
Judo Joint Membership (Judo +BJJ) £22 for the year.

First session is free!
£2.50 per class


For peace of mind:

Liam Cann, the instructor has public liability insurance, however should members wish to purchase additional cover they are advised to consult:

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