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LUUMIC (Music Impact in the Community)

LUUMIC is a society that runs music projects in the community of Leeds and the surrounding areas. Click to find out more!
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LUUMIC, or Music Impact in the Community, is a volunteering society that aims to get involved in the community of Leeds through the shared love of music. We collaborate with a range of organisations to give our volunteers a wide variety of experiences that they can carry forward into their lives.

Some of our projects have included memory workshops with dementia patients, after school clubs, making and playing musical instruments and also using boomwhackers to teach children about music. There are also opportunities to perform in a wide range of care homes (we also get to enjoy a cup of tea and biscuit with the residents!).

This year we will be running a choir for an elderly community group, collaborating with Bedside Buddies to bring music into the children's ward of the hospital, working with local music charity Clothcat and many more!

LUUMIC provides many opportunities to not only give back to the local community through doing something you love, but to gain  invaluable experience in leading practical music projects-perfect for anyone looking at a career in Music therapy, teaching and social work to name a few. 

LUUMIC is free to join! 

We are a very flexible society and the commitment to our projects range from weekly to one offs, allowing you to get involved as and when you can.

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We hope to be volunteering with you soon!

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Useful documents

  • Social Guidelines

    Should you be running a social, check out the guidelines for events you run.

  • Risk Assessment 2016

    Risk Assessment that covers general risks that may involve the society.

  • Volunteering Briefing

    Briefing for all volunteers when they take part in a project. This will give volunteers information about what we, as a society, expect from our members and what they should expect from us.

Hi welcome to LUUMIC If you want to find out more about who we are and what we're doing come along to our weekly meetings Wednesday 12-1 in room 5 of LUU. In these meetings we will be discussing upcoming projects, pitching ideas, discussing opportunities etc so please do come along. LUUMIC offer a number of projects you can get involved in either as a one-off session or with a regular commitment. We also support people who want to start up their own projects. Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds, musical interests and experience. Whatever level of music ability, we have projects to suit everyone. We want you to share your love of music with us! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Rachel at !


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