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Student Action for Refugees

Welcome to Leeds University Student Action For Refugees! We offer conversation classes to refugees and campaign throughout the year to improve their lives in the UK. All new members very welcome!
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2011 Winner of the Riley's - Best Collaboration

2014 Winner of Best Engagment!

2016 Winner of BEST SOCIETY, Best Fundraiser, Best Long-Standing Collaboration & Best Event


Welcome to the Leeds University branch of STAR (Student Action for Refugees)!

Who are we? 

STAR is the national network of students working to improve the lives of refugees in the UK.

Refugees are ordinary people fleeing war, torture and persecution. They arrive in a new country to seek protection, often alone, traumatized and determined to build new lives. We hold conversation classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays to give Refugees and asylum seekers a chance to learn and practice basic English.

We also run a Bike Project, where we work together to fix old and broken bikes, which are given to the Asylum Seeker and Refugee members of our community.

If you can speak English, have a flare for teaching or you're just passionate about doing something rewarding, STAR is a society open for everyone, no teaching experience needed. Come along to a session and join us to make a difference this year!

How to get involved...

Conversation classes

Wednesday - Meet at Parkinson steps at 1pm for a taxi to the centre. The class continues until 3pm, and then we walk back to the Uni for 3.30pm.

Saturday - Meet at Student Union foyer at 1:30pm, for a ten minute walk to the centre. The class runs until 4pm and unlimited tea and biscuits will be supplied!

Bike Project:

Friday only - At Velocampus (near Roger Stevens) 3pm-6pm. 

Why Get Involved?

Refugees and Asylum seekers have fled the horrors of war, poverty and famine and forced to live a life of continued destitution in the UK. Trapped in a flawed system that won’t allow access to government support, employment or access to free secondry healthcare. 

Refugees make up a tiny 0.26% of the population and a total of 3% of the UK’s annual net migration. Despite such a small percentage, asylum seekers and refugees have come to be demonized, our newspapers are awash with countless myths portraying refugees and asylum seekers as a solid bloc seeking to infiltrate and undermine the British system.

A single adult asylum seeker receives only £36.62 a week.

Asylum seekers cannot claim mainstream benefits.

Asylum seekers do not qualify for council housing tenancy or housing benefits.

Asylum seekers do have permission to work in the UK.

Research commissioned by the Home Office concluded that there was no evidence to suggest that asylum seekers had detailed knowledge about the UK benefits system.

Political parties blame immigrants for not wanting to learn English but have made savage cuts to funding.Access to provision is the issue, not willingness to learn.

It is also a great opportunity to meet people from a wide range of cultures and practice teaching!

Contact us

If you have any questions or you want to find out more about what we do, please:

Contact us at

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Browse the STAR National website,


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