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A Cappella

Music without instruments: only voices. A Cappella singing has never been more alive, this is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with one of the most unique, rewarding and fun forms of singing.
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Do you like Bonnie Tyler/Ghostbusters mash-ups? Great Harmonies? Even greater people? Leeds Uni Union A Cappella has been around for a few years, but never has it's most recent incarnation been so exciting. A cappella literally means singing without instruments, and we are around to make sure that Leeds is helping to push the boundaries of modern singing. We exist for those who want to be part of our group, those who just wish to listen, or those who didn't really want to listen but we flashmobbed them anyway and they actually kinda liked it.

The Songsmiths and the Cosmopolitones are the main core existing groups in the society and are the life and soul of the A Cappella society. We have two musical directors to help lead us, arrange our music, and help us be the best we can be. We also love it when other members of our choir arrange music and contribute their ideas too! The best way to find out more is to check us out elsewhere on the internet:



In the past we have performed at various balls and dinners (including the British Heart Foundation ball), various Union events, the Riley Smith and JCR Awards, the lippy magazine launch, in collaboration with other Union societies (for example, with TG in one of their outstanding plays!), as well as performing at occasional parties and weddings. For the past few years the Songsmiths and the Cosmos have entered Voice Festival UK, and last year the Songsmiths reached the final. This competition is a great way to meet and perform alongside other a cappella groups from other universities, as well as giving us valuable performing experience.

Getting involved:

We run auditions for both groups at the start of each academic year. Keep an eye on Facebook pages and the Union webpage for information on 2016 auditions! We will also be holding a GIAG at some point in semester one, more details to follow.

If you just want to come and see us, please keep an eye on our internet presence (see above!) for when we are gigging and the likes, and pop along any time you wish :)


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Musical Director: Cosmos

Musical Director: Songsmiths




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