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African Caribbean

Leeds African-Caribbean Society (ACS); the uni's Best Cultural Society consists of students who love to celebrate African-Caribbean cultures. Join us for lasting memories and friendships!
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The African-Caribbean Society (ACS) at Leeds is a society bounded by the celebration and education of black culture; a home away from home and a pathway to cultural enlightenment. There are no prerequisites to being an ACS member - not all of our members are necessarily from African or Caribbean backgrounds. Leeds University's ACS is simply a platform for like-minded individuals to come together, develop friendships, and enjoy cultural events and a number of opportunities exclusively available to members.

This year, we’re bigger and better and it is our chief aim to make Leeds THE place to be in 2016/17! There will be opportunities to celebrate the enjoyable social aspects of the modern Afro-Caribbean Diasporic community AND opportunities to develop and empower our members both in an educational and career-focused direction. Leeds University ACS: Empowering and Celebrating Our Culture.


The ACS works tirelessly each year to organise and present our members with some of the best nights the city of Leeds has to offer. There have been great socials, sports games, debates and movie nights. This year, we hope to spice up your social calendar even more, keeping you busy throughout the year! Make sure you don’t get left out of the loop by following us on our social media platforms. Remember, this is just a sneak peak of a selection of events to come this year, many of our events will be announced in our Monthly Event Calendars on our social media accounts so make sure to stay tuned for those.

Fresher’s Fair

Each year we look forward to meeting our lovely freshers at the Fair and our stall attracts hundreds of students thanks to our exotic, vibrant and attention-grabbing stand and ever so friendly Committee Members. And don’t worry dear freshers, the refreshments will be ON DECK - Watch out for the Supermalt shots and Chin Chin, and if you’re lucky (or early), perhaps some cheeky Red Velvet cake slices, wink wink. Don't hesitate to come over and say hi, we don’t bite – unless you do first!

Come down, meet us and see what we’re all about at the International Fresher’s Fair on 16th September 2016 and at the general Fresher’s Fair on the 21st September 2016.


Our annual Freshers welcome event, Fusion, will be taking place on 30th September 2016. This is our society’s ‘Give It a Go’ and is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to join the society to meet other potential members, make friends and to officially meet the committee and hear what the ACS has in store for you for the year! It will be a fun night with games, competitions and prizes up for grabs so make sure you get in there early so you don’t miss any of the fun!
There will also be an opportunity to buy tickets for our first night social, SAVAGE, where the ACS will be bringing the tun’ up to the famous O2 Academy from 11PM right until 5AM inna di morrrrrning (yes you read that correctly folks, 5AM).



Black History Month

Leeds Uni ACS encourages the exploration and appreciation of black history and challenging of the ideal of what constitutes ‘black culture’. Check out our calendar for the month here and don’t forget to register on our Facebook events pages from October onwards :



And what better ending to Black History Month than a cultural showcase displaying our most talented perfomers and acts? We intend not only to showcase the legacy that has been left for us, but the ones we intend to leave and so we enjoy seeing lots of fresh new talent. Legacy is a charitable event first and foremost which means that a portion of the proceeds will go to a charity of your choice, the Sickle Cell Foundation being the chosen beneficiary for 2015. The 2016 beneficiary will be decided via polls on both Twitter and Facebook, so make sure to vote people, and make a real difference!


Film Screenings

We regularly hold screenings of films made by and/or set in the black community as a way of showcasing and celebrating the talents in our Minority Ethnic groups, and creating awareness of some of the issues faced by the black community, both past and contemporary. The first screening for this year will take place on 19th October 2016 and refreshments will be provided for the evening (Popcorn and Pizza, yum…) so just bring your lovely selves!

Games Nights

We also hold regular games nights where members can attend and socialise in a casual, yet somewhat competitive atmosphere; don't forget to bring your A game because the prizes will be for winners only of course!



Regular debates serve to allow us to engage our minds and question the nature of some of the issues that take place in our community, from polygamy right through to bride prices. We will be taking part in the Great Debate Tour in partnership with Elevation Networks on 5th October 2016; a programme which allows various universities to voice their opinion on controversial topics of the day. Make sure to come down people, it promises to be an eye-opening event as always!

Winter Ball

This year we shall be holding our very first Winter Ball, Lost in Luxury in December 2016. The Ball will be a place for members to come and enjoy the celebration of Afro-Caribbean cultures and to send the year out with a bang! There will be authentic African and Caribbean cuisine and the dress code for the evening is Black Tie or Cultural Attire, so dress to impress folks! There will be special performances on the night as well as a live DJ so tell a friend to tell a friend because it is due to be a wonderful, elegant night for all to remember!


We currently host a variety of sports activities for our members to get into, whether male or female. We have a great football team for the lads, and the information for the Captain of the team as well as who to contact to get involved, will be released shortly. 

There is also a strong netball for our ladies and regular dance classes to be held by our Sports Executive, Tia. The dance classes will be held every fortnight with special opportunities to collaborate with the Street Dance society. More information regarding the dance classes will similarly be released closer to the dates.


It’s very easy to become a member of the ACS and take advantage of the numerous benefits we offer. We have a Fresher's Period discount of 30% on our Membership fees for a limited time only, which costs:

  • £6.99 for one year membership
  • £16.99 for three year membership

After this point, our Standard Membership fees will be: 

  • £9.99 for one year membership
  • £24.99 for three year membership

Our membership comes with many exclusive discounts from local restaurants, shops, hair salons and many more! These include:

  • Charcos: 10% off the Specials Menu & the Peri Platter, Bring 2 friends and upgrade to a large sideline (only applicable to Peri Peri Chicken Menu, Peri Burger Menu or Peri Wrap Menu), Get a complimentary item from the ‘Extras’ Menu when you spend over £20.
  • Hair City: 10% off ALL non-promotional products!
  • Union Barbershop: Exclusive additional 10% off existing 10% student discount for ACS members only.
  • CC Hair N Beauty: Mounthly discounts on varying products, offers will be advertised on Social Media
  • Kalabash: 20% discount off all items on the Menu.
  • My Treat: 10% discount off all items on the Menu.
  • Maxi’s Joint: 10% off all purchases over £15
  • Dutch Pot Caribbean: Special Discounted Menu 
  • Sensations Barbers: Mon - Thurs Bring 2 friends and get £2 off
  • Hifi Clarks: Discounted Group tickets  
  • Uber: Discount code  




And this year, for the FIRST TIME EVER, we will be giving our members our fantastic membership cards in order to access these benefits. During the Freshers Period you can pick them up either at the Freshers Fair or at our GIAG: Fusion!

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Facebook: /LeedsUniACS

Instagram: @LeedsACS

Twitter: @LeedsUniACS

YouTube: /user/leedsacs

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ACS catch up fortnightly from November as the calendar for Black History Month is so jam packed. Please add our Facebook Person (twitter): LeedsUni ACS and our Snapchat: leedsacs for updates and reminders on time and location. See you soon!


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