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Breakdancing (or "bboying" to give its original name) is the original Hip Hop dance and started in 70s New York. It is one of the five original elements of Hip Hop culture (alongside Rapping, Deejaying, Graffitti and Knowledge). If you have ever been interested in learning more about this amazing dance and art form then this is your chance!

LUU Breakers was born in 1997. The society has grown from its small roots to become a large group of B-boys and B-girls.  Our passion has led us to numerous Breaking Jams, Performances and Events including the Leeds University Dance Showcase and the University Championships. Recently, in 2013-14 the society won the Riley awared for most improved society.

We are very open to new members and encourage people of all levels of experience to come along and give it a go. Complete beginners are very welcome!

Watch the video below for more info:

If you’re interested and want some more information just email us on or visit us on facebook (search for “LUU Breakers”)



We provide training four times a week at the union as well as a weekly class for beginners/improvers (more info on each below). We provide opportunities for LUU Breakers to experience hip-hop culture through attending breakjams, battles, qualifiers and other events throughout the year.

The society is not just a place where you learn to break you can learn about the culture and history of breakdance also. We provide a friendly learning environment where you can meet new people who share a passion for breakdance. 



This year LUU Breakdance collaborated with many of our fellow dance societies including LUU Street Dance and Dance Exposé.

At Leeds University Union the Dance Societies all have an opportunity to perform at the annual Dance Show. This is an opportunity for all the dance societies to mingle and showcase their dance talent. It provides an excellent opportunity for breakers of all abilities (including beginners!) to show off what they can do.

In 2014 we teamed up with B-Boy Zorro and ran the Fresh Factory Jam at the Students Union in March. This hugely popular event attracted breakdancers and spectators both locally and internationally. Click here to see videos of the jam in action. We're presently in discussions about running this event again in 2016

In 2015 we entered two crews into the UK University Breakdance Championships 2015, 1 making the semi-finals, and the other made the finals. To see some of their battles click here

In addition to this there's also always lots of breaking going on in and around Leeds that there's bound to be something for everyone, with recent local events include: "Dope and Mean" and the "Battle of Briggate." There are also regular events such as the popular "Speak to the Streets," which aims to give back to the local community by promoting positivity and creativity.



Thursdays 5.30-6.30pm

During term-time classes take place on a Thursday from 5.30-6.30pm in the Treehouse in the Union. These are led by experienced professional dancers affiliated with the society. This year we've teamed up Beanz and Rawgina from Breakin' Through Leeds, who are great teachers, with a wealth of knowledge about the dance form. They are great at teaching beginners and more experienced b-boys and b-girls alike. Check out their facebook page to see for yourself!

2015-2016 PRICES

Members: £2.50

Non-members: £4.50

You don’t need to register in advance. However, if you want to let us know you’re coming or have any questions before you come down your welcome to email us on Make sure you wear clothing that is easy to move in and suitable footwear (trainers).


Training allows breakers to practice their skills, develop their strength and their own style in the art form. By training regularly you will see your ability in Breakdancing improve greatly. LUU Breakers put on open 'drop-in' training sessions weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Whether you're a seasoned vet who wants to train regularly to keep in condition or a week-one beginner who wants to spend some more time practicing the new steps they learned in class all ability levels are welcome at these sessions. The atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed and it is a good place to make friends, hang out with and learn from other dancers. We have regular attendants at every training session who will look for new beginners to help them get started and settled. If you're not sure who this is when you first show up please just ask any of us and we'll help you out - we're a really friendly bunch!

Monday, Wednesday Thursdays & Friday - Check our Facebook group for venues and times*

*We post up the sessions we're putting on at the beginning of each week. Usually training is from around 5-10pm and you can drop in at any point during that slot. The specific rooms we're able to get tend to vary a bit from week to week though - hence posting up the times on a weekly basis!



This year annual membership has kept at to a super reasonable £10! Press the 'join this group' button at the top of the page to sign up.

Membership covers the costs of our weekly training and subsides our beginners classes and our travel to big UK events like the UK University Championships, which are held in Newcastle every year.  

Throughout the year we will provide you with offers and discounts exclusive to the LUU Breakers so keep an ear out and visit our facebook page to keep up to date on these offers.



If you’d like more information about the LUU Breakers, what it’s like to be part of the society or about Breakdancing in general you can:



Twitter: luubreakers

Visit us at the Fresher’s Fair on the 22nd and 23rd September where we will be showcasing the society. Come along with your friends and find out more about us.

We've also got a Give it a Go session planned for Friday the 9th of October (6-7pm in the Lounge in the Union). Besides our beginner classes on a Thursday this is a great way to get a taste of what we're all about. Looking forward to seeing you all!




Please be aware that you do not have personal accident insurance cover related to this activity.  If you would like any cover, please seek this individually.  Here are some providers that you can enquire with:

For further information or queries, please contact us at:

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We endeavour to put on a training session every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening throughout the year. Training times are posted at the beginning of each week on our Facebook We put on classes during term time too and you can find details of when and where they are on the Facebook page too (or in the About section here)


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