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Circus Skills

Circus Skills Society is a friendly and social society where you can come and learn a wide range of circus skills. Feel free to ask us any questions via email or Facebook!
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Welcome to CircSoc!

We are a fun, friendly society all about learning and performing all sorts of cool tricks. We specialise in teaching our members how to perform various feats, whether they be juggling, hoop, poi, diabolo, or anything else. 

We usually meet in the refectory, but this semester we'll be in the lower section of Stylus (just downstairs in the Union, below Essentials). We meet every Monday, from 7:30pm to 10pm, but people are free to come whenever and stay for as long as they like.

We charge £1 per session for members, and £3 per session for non-members. Membership is super easy to do, and costs £6. That money goes towards filling our selection of kit with all sorts of neat toys, as well as the occasional social. Membership also means you're insured, meaning you'll be allowed to come to our illustrious fire nights! These are where we do tricks such as fire breathing, and most of the other ordinary tricks with extraordinary twists.

Come and pay us a visit!




Note: Due to unforseen technical difficulties our previous page description got wiped, so apologies if this appears a little barebones. It's mostly a placeholder.

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