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Dancesport (Ballroom and Latin)

Ever wanted to dance like Strictly Come Dancing, well now you can.. Gain new skills or improve your abilities in a variety of dances with our professional teachers in our fun and friendly environment!
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If you're thinking of taking up or improving your Ballroom and Latin American dancing then look no further! We hold weekly classes and practice sessions with our coach, Dale Bennett and his professional instructors from CityLimits. We accept Students and Ex-students from all the Leeds Based Universities and Colleges so just come and check us out at your freshers fair....

Not only will you have lots of fun, you'll meet LOTS of new people and be able to show off in no time. No previous dance experience is necessary. You'll have the opportunity to enter competitions in the very friendly national varsity circuit! We attend around 7 competitions annually and have been making a name for ourselves over the last couple of years, with leading results in the beginner sections and one of the biggest and strongest teams on the circuit! But we're not just about competitions. Read on to find out more...

Please check out our website and all our revelvant social media pages to see what we are all about...Click the links above.... 


If competing isn't for you don't worry! Our classes are focused on enjoyment and member satisfaction. The classes are:

  • If you're new to dancing, as most of our members are, then give our Beginner's class a try. The Beginner's class is on a Tuesday from 7:30-9:30pm.
  • The Novice class is for anyone who has been dancing for over one year, or any beginner dancer who has shown enthusiasm and quick progress. There is no upper limit of experience for this class, you decide when you've got the most out of it. This class is held on a Thursdays from 7-9pm.
  • The Intermediate and Open class is for anyone who requires open dance routines (Intermediate+) this is usually for dancers that have 4+ years experience in Ballroom and Latin. This class is usually held on Thursdays from 9-10pm, come along and chat to our coach and team captain to find out more. 

Members are free to move down the classes whenever they want, at no extra charge. Moving up does requires consultation with the committee.

Classes are £3 an hour for Non-Members and £2 an hour for Members, however, memberships packages are also available which include tuition costs. Please consult our Treasuer, Bryndleigh, for more details on Memberships at your first lesson, or scroll down to our 'Memberships' section. 

The Dances

If you're wondering what dances fall under the Ballroom and Latin umbrella there are (officially) ten:

  • Five Ballroom: Waltz, Quickstep, Tango, Viennese Waltz and Foxtrot
  • Five Latin: Cha Cha Cha, Jive, Rumba, Samba and Paso Doble

Salsa and Rock'n'Roll are sometimes included in competitions. We do our best to cover as many dances as possible. By the end of the year every member will have had the opportunity to learn all ten official dances.


Even the most shy and inexperienced of our dancers say how much fun they had at the competitions! The first official competition of the year is held in November by The University of Leicester. This competition is very friendly and informal to kick off the year with fun and get us into the competing spirit! We are also running our own Leeds Club Competition in October where Beginners can try out a competition within the club. 

  1. Leeds Club Comp.
  2. Leicester Friendly 
  3. (Warwick Varsit )
  4. Nottingham Ball
  5. Manchester Winter Friendly
  6. Birmingham Friendly
  7. Sheffield Social
  8. NUDC (Northern University Dance Competition) "Northerns" 
  9. IVDC (Inter-Varsity Dance Competition) "Nationals"
  10. Manchester Spring Friendly -

Universities bid to host NUDC and IVDC. The winner of the NUDC bid will decide where the competition is held. In 2013 and 2015 it was hosted by Leeds! In 2015, we held the competition at the Castleford Civic Centre after winning the NUDC team match the year before! IVDC is such a hugely attended competition, open to all universities in the UK, that it is always held at the Blackpool Winter Gardens. The Empress Ballroom there is the largest ballroom in Europe and the chosen location of the World Professional Championships!


  • Dancesport is a keen participant of the annual LUU Dance Show, a huge dance society collaboration near the end of the Spring term. This is a fantastic opportunity to socialise with other societies, learn new steps and dances, and show off in front of your friends and family! Just ask our Danceshow Representative, Hanna, for more details.

  • Every year we aim to hold a Christmas and Spring Ball. The biggest and best of these is the Winter Ball, where members are treated to entertainment, drinks and great food. Of course, there's always the opportunity to dance!
  • Socials are always on the cards for Dancesport because we always have so many members! Previous gatherings have included ice skating, BBQs, Otley Runs (if you don't know what these are yet you'll soon find out!), Karaoke, Strictly nights, meals, bowling, lots of house parties and weekend breaks! We're going to step it up a notch this year so be prepared for some memorable nights!
  • Every year NUDC and IVDC hold an Offbeat section of the competition. This is our university's opportunity to show how well rounded our dancers are by performing a routine not based on Ballroom and Latin dancing at all! A variety of performances are staged from styles such as ballet, street, jazz, tap, contemporary, break, Irish and stage musical. Those who choose to represent our team will have had plenty of time and practice with our Offbeat Captain, Laura, and, as always, be enthusiastically supported by the rest of the team. 


Become a member of our fabulous club for just £15 and you'll recive all the following added bonuses:
  • Group Tuition discount
  • Private Tuition Discount

  • Access to weekly practice space

  • Invitation to competitions

  • Subsidised transport costs to and from competitions

  • Discount to LUU Dancesport Club Merchandise

  • Subsidised cost to LUU Dancesport Ball Tickets

  • Participation in the annual LUU Dance Show

  • Participation in our Offbeat Lessons and Performances

  • Eligible to run for committee positions at AGMs and EGMs

  • Eligible to vote for those running for committee positions at AGMs and EGMs

  • All members receive a member card which must be shown upon attendance of lessons

There is also the chance to purchase Membership Packages ranging from £30 for a semester to £60 for the year which have further added bonuses including Tuition Costs so we don't charge you a penny at lessons and you can attend as many sessions as you wish. Well worth the money for our members! Check out the website for all the details of these packages or just ask our Treasurer, Bryndleigh.
With so much going on, so many people to meet, and good quality, fun lessons, we guarantee that it's worth every penny! 


Please be aware that you do not have personal accident insurance cover related to this activity.  If you would like any cover, please seek this individually.  Here are some providers that you can enquire with:

For further information or queries, please contact the committee either personally or via the society email address: 

Useful documents

  • Social Guidelines

    Should you be running a social, check out the guidelines for events you run.

  • Dancesport Good Code of Conduct

    This document outlines club disciplinary procedures, health and safety requirements and general club conduct.

  • Dancesport Good Code of Practice

    This document outlines the roles of the committee members, explains how the club works and outlines general rules for competitions and outlines the recommended practice wear.

  • Risk Assesssment

    This outlines the risks and precautions.


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