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HOMED is a society which works with residents of hostels in Leeds and organises weekly sandwich runs around the city centre. Come and help make a difference to the lives of the homeless in Leeds!
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Membership is now open to all students, just click "join this group" to join HOMED. You will still need to attend training (details below) to take part in hostel visits but by joining you will be kept up to date with all our visits and sandwich runs.

Each week we organise four hostel visits and a sandwhich run. All the hostels are very different and you are welcome to sign up to visits to one or all of them. Sign ups to visits are on a first come first served basis but preference will be given to those who have not been on a visit before to try and give everyone a chance

We hold training sessions throughout the year for anyone interested in coming on hostel visits. These take around an hour but are compulsary, only after you have attended the training will you be able to sign up for hostel visits. Please note that attendance at the training session is not required if you only want to go on sandwich runs. 

We have held two training sessions so far this year, thank you to all who attended. We will be having another training session soon, and we will post details on here, on our website ( and on our Facebook page (

Aim of HOMED: To make a difference to the lives of the homeless in Leeds


  • Visit our hostels regularly providing a friendly ear to tenants
  • Educate students about homelessness and social exclusion
  • Challenge prejudice and stereotypes
  • Be the friendly face of students
  • Be active in local homeless projects

HOMED is a charity which currently works with four hostels within the Leeds area. Student volunteers visit each of these hostels one evening a week to help encourage social interaction and help improve the social and emotional well being of the hostel tenants. We also provide hot drinks and meals, which are especially important during the winter months, and regularly engage tenants in social interaction through playing games and participating in group activities. We work with one mixed sex hostel, one female only hostel, one male only hostel and one mixed sex hostel aimed at teenagers and young people so volunteers are able to choose which they would prefer to visit.

For information on each individual hostel, see the projects tab on this page.

Volunteering with HOMED helps to raise awareness of the issues relating to homelessness and social exclusion, such as; drug and alcohol addiction, prostitution and mental health problems. HOMED enables students who may not have encountered homeless issues before to gain a better understanding; such as why people become homeless and some of the challenges that homeless people may face. This is often not what volunteers expect and many are surprised at the shocking backgrounds and life experiences of some of our tenants. This helps students to understand why these individuals have become homeless and the challenges they face today when trying to reintegrate with society.

HOMED benefits both the homeless of Leeds and the students at Leeds University. The feedback we have received from the hostel staff is always positive. Staff at Bracken Court said about HOMED, “The tenants look forward to students coming to visit and chatting with them. Students are very well missed by tenants when they are on leave”. Homelessness is a real problem in Leeds which can often be ignored. Our volunteers help address this problem whilst receiving great satisfaction through the work that they do.

Volunteering with HOMED does not tie you down or take up a large amount of your time, you can volunteer whenever you are free, from once a week to once a year! Any time you can spare will make a great difference to the individuals we help to support. No experience is necessary; we will provide training, support and advice throughout your time spent volunteering with us. If you would like further details about volunteering with HOMED please contact us on the email address above.

Useful documents

  • Social Guidelines

    Should you be running a social, check out the guidelines for events you run.

Every week we coordinate Sandwich Runs giving out hot food and drink to the homeless around Leeds! You don't need any training to take part, all you need to do is sign up via our Facebook page to let us know you're coming (search Homed Leeds to find us on FB). These usually take place on a Wednesday or Friday lunchtime and we meet at the Parkinson building. These details will always be communicated via Facebook, so please like us on there to stay updated. We also have weekly visits to 4 hostels around Leeds, you can sign up to volunteer at these if you have received training. You must buy a "ticket" from the "shop" on our LUU webpage in order to participate.


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