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Sandwich Run

This is a project run by Homed

The sandwich run has become a well-established project for HOMED over the last two years.
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The sandwich run has over the last two years has become a well established project for HOMED. Why did we do it?? Well – This project enables many people to get involved, more than that of the typical Hostel Visit we run.  It is to an extent more flexible in that we are out on the streets dishing out sandwiches to those that need them. So, if you do feel slightly uncomfortable in going straight to the hostels, then this is the perfect one for you . We also wish to try and reduce the waste sandwiches produced by the university – we try our very best to use all that we can.

This event runs once a week, running for roughly 2 hours. As previously mentioned we hand out free nutritious fulfilling sandwiches in the early evening. This can really make a difference especially if the money otherwise spent on food, could be saved for just one night a week.

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