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Indian Student Association

Leeds Indian Students Association (ISA).
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Leeds Indian Students association was founded in 2007 and is one of the most successful Indian Societies in the UK. Our vision is to offer the opportunity for Leeds Students from various ethnicities to celebrate Indian culture collectively. The association provides it's followers with memorable events and experiences which take place throughout the year with Holi and Diwali being the most successful.

Our Events

  • Meet and greet / Give it a go (GIAG)

Perfect event for different personalities, especially the shy crowd to get an additional edge and get to know other people before the extroverts steal the show! No reason to worry, as the committee members will be there every step of the way, in case things go stray. This interactive event is usually conducted during Fresher’s Week and is a perfect opportunity to get to know many new faces and from experience, end up as potential long term friends.

Our GIAG for the year 2017/18 will be held at the  Common Ground on 28th September 2017 between 6-8 pm and everyone is invited; so make sure you do not miss it! Even though you would be re-energized from your holidays with your bank accounts filled with freshly minted money, we believe not to take advantage of our fellow potential members and so this event is completely free!



To celebrate the infamous festival of lights, a day event is held filled with various games, activities, live dhol music and free Indian snacks/sweets, which cannot be missed. We especially think it to be a good idea in case your food supplies from home may be running low, since September or even if you are just craving some Indian delicacies and at the same time want to have some good fun.

A trip to the temple is organized for Lakshmi Puja in the evening for a more traditionalistic and religious approach and the night ends with a thriving Bollywood clubbing party.

Day Event


Night Event

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  • ISA v/s Pak soc bowling event   

Intercultural bowlng event in the evening which is joined by other society members. Phew; better get some tissues to wipe any sweat, the fiery competition and intense rivalry continues!

Even if you want to just bowl for fun; we are all up for it, after all its all part of the fun and we believe in keeping all our members satisified. 

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  • End of Term Desi Night                                                                                                                                   

Celebrating the end of term with a fun filled action packed Bollywood Clubbing Night! This is kind of a must event for those who want to kick off some steam from a hectic long term, after finsihing assignments and tests and yes, we do know how it feels! Its even for those who want to just freak out before beginning the dreaded journey of officially starting to study for the January exams.

Generally the range of people attending usually varies from hardcore party goers to just chilled out people looking for some excitement. So in simple terms, all people are invited and ensure that you do not just stay at home napping (you have the whole break to do that) and just come, you won't regret it.

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  • Part of the ‘World Unite Festival’    

Taking part in cultural and non-cultural dance performances alongside foodstalls with delicious Indian delights and a Chat corner.

Previous years have shown how close we were in actually winning an award after our spectacular dance performances at the WUF.   Each year we gain more and more experience and this year we finally feel we have the opportunity to come out as winners and we want you to be a significant part of it. So don't feel shy, everyone is more than welcome to show off their special hidden talents or performances and together just have fun and a great memorable time!

If you do crave some Indian delicacies you're more than welcome to join in and cheer our society along.

  • Cricket Tournament followed by Karaoke

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  • Rang Barse - Holi!

 One of our grandest events, we are proud to host and celebrate Holi, the Indian festival of colours. This is one of those types of events, where we truly believe is a must and if you are not having fun, we almost return your money back! That's just how good it is.

For those who are not aware of this event, its all about having fun by throwing colours on people, enjoying the music, dancing and even making a fool of yourself. Don't worry about being embarassed, we shall most probably join in with you.

Holi is mainly believed to be an event to loosen the pressures governing social and polite courtesy and hence there is a popular Indian saying: ''Bura na manao Holi hain!,'' which basically means ''Do not be offended, it is Holi!'' So go ahead do what you want, all we want is you to have fun together with us!

Based on past experiences, this is our best event, mainly because we believe in maintaining the best till the last! So leave all your worries at the door and just take part in this spectcular bundle of joy.  


  • Other Events/Activities which are ongoing throughout the year:

Bollywood Movie Nights

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Fun filled evenings which consists of drinks and food alongside movies on demand and availability of henna art. 

Sheesha & Dining Socials

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These socials will be ongoing at different locations such as restaurants, bars and lounges. 

Committee members 2018/2019


Sahil Chandwani


Siddhant Shah and Vishal Jain


Vaidehi Shethia 


Preksha Jain


Reshma Prasad and Anshika Jain


Srika Nambiar


Nehal Jain 








Membership is only £5 for the year and includes discounts on events for our members.

For More Information

To know about all our events, socials and Give It A Go, find us on facebook and follow us on instagram:


For further information email us on: or contact any of our committee members.


Useful documents

  • Social Guidelines

    Should you be running a social, check out the guidelines for events you run.

Hey guys! Keep an eye out on this page for upcoming events that you surely do not want to miss! Cheers The ISA Team.


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