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The Japanese Society aims to get students from Japan, students of Japanese and people who love Japan together in order to share our own cultures, experiences and enjoy Japanese Culture in the UK!
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Japanese Society 

LUU Japanese Committee


Are you interested in meeting Japanese people and learning more about Japan?

Are you a Japanese student living in Leeds, who would like to learn more about British culture and meet other Leeds students?

If so, then the Japanese Society is for you!

The Japanese society is open to everyone, not just students of Japanese! We are a diverse Faith and Cultures Society with a membership base that stretches from Japanese Exchange Students and International Students to Leeds Students from all subject areas, as well as non-students living in Leeds.

As a society, we aim to introduce Japanese students to various aspects of British culture and provide opportunities for them to meet Leeds students easily. Students of Japanese and those who are interested in Japanese culture and language can also learn a lot from Japanese members as well as their Leeds University senpai, through all our social and cultural events.


Weekly Events and Special Events 

  • Weekly Afternoon Tea and Treats: every Thursday from 2-4pm in the East Asian Common Room, 4th Floor, Michael Sadler Building on campus for (Kukki and Koucha)!  Free tea and treats and the chance to practise your Japanese/English in a friendly, laid-back atmosphere!
  • Pub socials at the Library pub: Just a short walk from Parkinson's steps, every Monday from 8pm until closing time! If you enjoy chatting over a drink in the pub after class or just fancy a bit of pub grub, this is the perfect event for you! Pop in for as little or as long as you like and meet some new drinking buddies whilst exchanging cultures and experiences!
  •  GIAG: Each Semester we hold our  GIVE IT A GO (GIAG) sessions where we invite you to come and get involved in something fun and Japanesey! These events will give you an insight to us as a Faiths and Cultures society and what sort of things you can look forward to as a proud member of Japanese Society.
  • Sporting events: We may not be a sports society, but we also love our sports! We even have our own football team: JAPANDAS so if you're a fellow sportsman or you fancy a game come and join in! Throughout the year, we support our team and even attend University events such as Varsity, so if you want to go to a game with a crowd and support our rising footie stars come join us! We also have sports reps to fulfil your sporting needs. We also offer some opportunities to try traditional Japanese dancing which are great fun and a great workout so look out for our Strictly come Soran events and more! 
  • Seasonal events: The Japanese Society is a lover of the seasons too! We love celebrating the season changes and welcome every new season with an event or two. In Autumn, we go and gaze in awe at the fireworks in Hyde Park whilst enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and BIG Bonfire. We also enjoy the Spring and Summer seasons with picnics or Bentos in the park, a refreshing study break!

Headliner Events

  • Halloween Party


  • Christmas Party


  • Easter Party

  • End of Year Summer Ball

  • The Otley Run


New events

Language exchange speed dating

Looking for a language exchange partner or just keen to meet new people? No more looking at a list of names on a piece of paper trying to find the perfect exchange partner! Come along to our language exchange speed dating event where you’ll have the chance to chat to new people, and meet potential language partners.

  • Karaoke and Club Nights: Come and join the Japanese Society as we hit the town for a night of fun-filled dancing or some cheesy Karaoke favourites!
  • Movie Nights: Settled down, grab some popcorn and come and watch a movie or two with Japanese Society. We love a good Ghibli movie and many more movies so join us for a movie night!
  • Day Trips: Leeds is a beautiful and lively city no doubt about that but with so many more beautiful places in Yorkshire and in the UK who could resist a refreshing day trip? Let's get out of the city, show our Japanese exchange student members our beautiful country and have an adventure!
  • Open Committee Meetings: Think we need some changes? Want to say "otsukaresama" to our hard working committee members? Then come along to one of our open meetings where you can experience a committee meeting, see how we run things and maybe even consider filling the shoes and running for committee positions at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the second semester.

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Membership is just £5 for the year, and with it you will be able to get discount prices at our events and socials, as well as discount prices at various locations throughout Leeds. We will also be working with partners and sponsors (TBA) to get you some extra discounts, just flash your cards and enjoy more fantastic deals. Not only that, becoming a member will give you super discounts on events and a discounted price for your very own fabulous Japanese Society Hoodie! To add to the many benefits of being a proud member of LUU Japanese Society, you'll also get a super Kawaii membership card...what are you waiting for?! 

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  • Social Guidelines

    Should you be running a social, check out the guidelines for events you run.

Hey everyone and thanks for visiting the LUU Japanese Society page! As mentioned on our page we have weekly pub socials on a Monday at the Library Pub (8 pm- late) and we also have weekly afternoon tea on Thursdays (1-3pm) up on the 4th of the Michael Saddler Building. Should you want to come and meet fellow members, you can usually find us in the East Asian Common Area! (Michael Saddler Building 4th floor) Come along and say hi! - Japanese society committee


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