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Judo is a martial art that focuses on throws and groundwork. Winning the Riley Award for best martial art 2015, our members will enjoy being in a social yet focused society.
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Here’s a little video giving you an intro to Judo by Olympic silver medalist Neil Adams.

View our events calendar here for training, competitions, club visits and socials.

Why Judo?

Firstly, it’s a great way to get fit!  Being “Fit for Judo” is a world in itself. Judo relies equally on both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. There’s not a single muscle group not in use, from your fingers for gripping, shoulders for throwing and core for pretty much everything in-between… Judo will improve your fitness, strength, balance and co-ordination. Take Bryan Jacks for example, (Olympic Superstar Judo Champion 3 times in a row), who broke the world record for tricep dips.

But are you suitable for judo? Hell yes! No matter what your shape or size! Different sizes have their own advantages, from short to tall and small to large. Just a quick search on the ‘interweb’ can show you the greats of all shapes and sizes, from the +100Kg 6’ 8 inch Teddy Riner, to the 57Kg 5’ 3 inch Kaori Matsumoto. Judo relies not on brute strength, but on the efficient re-direction of momentum. Why push against someone when you can just move out of the way and trip him up? Makes sense doesn’t it…..

But what actually IS Judo?

(Technical jargon incoming)

Judo originated in  japan around 1882 and was developed by by Dr Jigoro Kano. He saw that Ju-Jitsu was plagued with injuries and wanted to create a sport that was safe but still hugely effective. After taking out all the strikes, kicks, and all the lethal stuff, judo was born.

The literal translation of judo is the “gentle way”. It incorporates a variety of throwing and groundwork techniques to ultimately score an ‘ippon’, a full point. This ‘ippon’ can be gained by either a forceful throw or a submission, either gained from pinning your opponent to the ground or by a choke or armlock.

For more info about Judo visit

But why join us?

Our club has a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, while not straying away from the ‘essence of judo’. In the coming year we plan to facilitate the improvement of players as quickly as possible.

With strong links to both local clubs such as the Huddersfield Judo Club and other Universities like Sheffield, club visits will not be a rarity, giving players a very wide range of experiences.


There is opportunity for players to develop through a new theory based grading system which aims to improve fundamental skills, expand upon knowledge and prepare players for competition.

Competitions are held throughout the year in various locations and for all ages and levels. There are university competitions such as the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) competition and University of Sheffield International Student Teams (USIST) as well as local area competitions for those new to the sport.

If you don’t want to grade or compete, no problem! Judo is still a great way to have fun and keep fit.

We welcome all levels so come along and give it a go.

Training Times

Thursdays 8:30-10:30pm Studio 2

Open mat session with BJJ - Sundays 5:30-7:00pm Studio 2

Drop us an email (, or contact us via our Facebook group (you'll always get a reply ASAP !)



£2 per session for members and £5 for non-members 

£15 pound yearly club membership

£9 half year club membership

£22 joint club membership with BJJ

The Leeds Uni club also has a deal with the national governing body of judo (BJA). This gets you a BJA membership with full insurance against injuries (this is different to the club membership), a judo Gi (Yes, those white pyjama things) and your first grading, all for £20! For more information, visit: 


President: Gareth York

Secretary (Competition): Elizabeth Purdy

Treasurer: Patrick Green

Socials and Competitions Secretary: Lois Aspinall

Contact us:

Main email:

Useful documents

  • Social Guidelines

    Should you be running a social, check out the guidelines for events you run.

Sessions are Thursdays 20:30 - 22:30 in Studio 2, The Edge. We also train at Pudsey Judo club on Tuesdays 19:30 - 21:00


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