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Kickboxing + Krav Maga

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What are Kickboxing and Krav Maga?

When do we train?

Why should I join?

How much experience must I have and do I have to fight?

Who will teach me?

Where do we compete?

What do we get up to when we aren't training?

Can I get more involved in the club?

How do I get my membership?

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What are Kickboxing and Krav Maga?

Kickboxing is a popular contact sport stemming from Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Western boxing. Kickboxing is a practical and exciting form of self defence and sport.

Krav Maga is a highly efficient approach to combat that first originated in Isreal, focusing on the importance of concepts rather than numerous techniques. It's no nonsense approach makes it arguably the best self-defence system in the world.

So whether you're aiming to become an accomplished black belt, a national university kickboxing champion, or if you're just interested in learning a new skill and getting super fit, give it a go! It's all possible!

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What is LUUKBKM?

Leeds University Kickboxing and Krav Maga society (LUUKBKM) is the largest and most successful martial arts club the University of Leeds has to offer. We as a club aim to provide a safe and inclusive environment where a diverse range of individuals can learn the sport of Kickboxing and the self-defence system of Krav Maga. 

LUUKBKM is an incredibly friendly place to train and socialise. The club is unique in its approach to Martial Arts training providing an informal training environment so you'll feel right at home. Training is hard and rigorous but we operate as a team and focus on building you into an all-round martial artist or a confident self-protectionist or both! Our club encourages a trial training session before joining to find out what it is like.

What has LUUKBKM achieved?
Our club can proudly boast the following achievements:

  • Best Martial Arts Club 2014
  • Best Sports Team Nominee 2015
  • Coach of the Year 2015
  • Best Event 2015
  • 7 National Student Champion titles in the past 4 years

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 When do we train?

Tuesday Kicboxing Sports Hall 2:

Beginners 20:30-21:30 / Intermediates 21:30-22:30

Thursday Kickboxing Sports Hall 1b: 

Beginners 20:00-21:00 / Intermediates 21:00-22:00

Saturday Krav Maga Cromer Terrace:                                   

Beginners 14:30-15:30 / Intermediates 15:30-16:30

Sunday Sparring Dance Studio 2:   

All abilities 16:30-17:30

How much will it cost?

£2.50 per class

First class is FREE!

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Why should I join?

The club provides access to self-improvement in fitness, confidence and mental wellbeing as a by-product of our classes. We also offer opportunities for: team building during trips and competitions, instructor courses, charity events, and social networking. We are always looking to improve on these experiences both in scope and quality.

Using your arms and legs for punching and kicking exercises all of the muscles in your body; for this reason kickboxing is easily the best method of gaining strength, improving flexibility, conditioning your body, burning calories and losing body fat.

Krav Maga encourages its students to avoid confrontation at all costs, but when conflict cannot be evaded, teaches students to promptly finish a fight as quickly as possible. The focus on real-world situations means that our members learn how to safely respond to attacks that may be made by an individual or a group, as well as counterattacking knife and gun threats.

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How experienced must I be to join?


All levels of ability are welcomed, whether you're a complete beginner or a more experienced martial artist, a level of training suited to your standard will be available from our professional, qualified instructors.

Krav Maga:

Careful execution in a split second of panic becomes instinctive with practice and can be used by anyone regardless of their size or martial arts experience.

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How much contact is there and do I have to fight?

Our club practices semi-contact sparring, although members choose for themselves whether they wish to partake in this.

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Who will teach me?


Chief Instructor Will Tsang is a former UK Heavy Kickboxing Champion (full-contact) as well as a former UK Student Kickboxing Champion (semi-contact). Having spent 13 years practicing Martial Arts, Will has already been induced to the Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame twice which is why he is well respected amongst his seasoned peers. Will is the Chief Event Co-Ordinator of the UK University Kickboxing Championships which continues to be the single largest Martial Event in the UK. He is a qualified Urban Krav Maga Instructor under Stewart McGill and his Martial Arts club Beyond Fighting is sanctioned under British Combat Association co-founder Peter Consterdine.

Chief Instructor Will Tsang has been the forefront of this award winning club, sharing and teaching his knowledge for the past 13 years. Will offers a superb Instructor Team all with different aspects of life experience and something different to offer, recognised by Leeds University when he was awarded  the Coach of the Year 2015 ahead of 92 other Sports Coaches.

As a club we employ Beyond Fighting to provide instruction for all our classes. Beyond Fighting administers all of LUUKBKM’s grading’s and instructor courses through its partnership with the British Combat Association.

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Where do we compete?

Every year our club hosts the National Student Kickboxing Competition which attracts a huge amount of competitors from universities all over Britain. We hold the preliminary fights in The Edge sports hall across 4 matted rings until only 2 competitors remain from each category. These finalists then compete for the title of National Student Champion in a full size ring, complete with lights and entrance music. The fighters are supported by competitors and other sports fans who turn out to enjoy the evening and to cheer on their friends whilst having a drink or two.

Our categories are all semi-contact and are split by gender, weight, and skill level (beginner, intermediate and advanced) so no matter your size or experience you can compete in a fair fight, overseen by our professional refereeing team and experienced judges from a variety of universities.

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What do we get up to when we aren't training?

As a society, we are very well rounded, offering plenty of extra opportunities to spend time together as a community. A few of our socials include:

  • Christmas meal
  • Otley run
  • Laser quest
  • VIP area club nights
  • Holidays

You will never be stuck for something to do! What’s more, we have exclusive deals all over Leeds with club partnerships to save you precious pounds.

Aside from the socials, we also take advantage of our size and team community to increase our charity presence on campus. So far we have taken part in the Yorkshire Warrior challenge as well as organised charity sparring sessions, and the Muddy Fun Run in summer 2016.

If all of that doesn’t sound enough, we would love to hear your ideas, as we’re always looking to improve as a club!

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Can I get more involved in the club?

The club offers many opportunities for its members to get more involved in the club. Having current members running the club and its events is a good way in making sure that the club's interests mirror our members'. Some ways in which we provide opportunities to get more involved in the club include:

  • Annual committee elections

    • Our members are voted into committee positions by the club members who go on to help the running of the club

  • National Kickboxing Championship

    • Hosted by us, the National Kickboxing Championships run annually and the club are always looking for keen members to get involved in competing and helping the event run smoothly

  • Assistant Instructor Courses

    • Our instructor Will provides hard working members with the amazing chance to gain a qualification in Assistant Instructing, which involves aiding Will and teaching your own classes!

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How do I get my membership?

Click 'Join' at the top! the membership cost is £15 and is completely used to cover your members health insurance to train with the club.

If members wish to take out further cover we would recommend Endsleigh Insurance.

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LUUKBKM are affiliated with MyProtein, providers of high quality supplements at low prices.

Followers of our facebook group get access to free discount codes! Find our clubs tracking link on facebook or through the linked logo above! Use the link to help support our club.

LUUKBKM are affiliated with Musclefood, producers of premium quality lean meats and nutrition at student prices.

Followers of our facebook group get access to free discount codes! Find our clubs tracking link on facebook or through the linked logo above! Use the link to help support our club.

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