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Lishi Tai Chi

Lishi is an ancient Daoist art of movement incorporating Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, meditation and Chinese yoga. It is exciting, vitalising and particularly suited to young people with lots of energy.
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Mind-Body-Spirit Fitness

Get rid of stress and learn to relax whilst getting fit and strong. Lishi helps build confidence, communication and leadership skills in a safe and supportive environment. An ancient Daoist art and science based on the principles of Yin and Yang, Lishi teaches the cultivation and utilisation of the body's natural energy, or Qi. In class we practice the Yin arts, which consist of slow, soft movements to nourish the body and mind, and the Yang arts, which use the energy developed in the Yin arts in a faster, more dynamic way.

What can I learn?

  • Daoist Tai Chi forms including the Square Yard and Flying Hands
  • Daoist Yoga to open up the meridians
  • Breathing exercises for good health and energy cultivation
  • Qi Gong to become aware of and direct your intrinsic energy
  • Kung Fu for dynamic and effective self-defence
  • Acrobatics to develop balance, coordination and confidence   

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The full name of the system is Weihai Lishi Quanfa and in China it was previously practiced and passed on in secret. The Li family, who were the keepers of these arts, moved to Weihai on the eastern tip of Shandong province, around two millenia ago. However, the origins of Lishi stretch back even further into the past. 

Chan Kam Li, the last member of the Li family with knowledge of the arts, was a gem merchant who sailed between Weihai, Hong Kong and London. He started a class in London in the 1920s, where he later met and adopted an orphaned Chinese boy by the name of Chee Soo, who was to become the next inheritor of Lishi. 

In the summer of 1934, Chee Soo began his training in the wide range of Daoist martial, philosophical, healing and cultural arts. He inherited these arts in their entirety and taught and promoted them for the rest of his life. Chee Soo was a renowned and celebrated master, one of the first to teach a traditional Chinese family system to Westerners.

Shortly before Chee Soo’s death in 1994, he named the next inheritor of Lishi. The current grandmaster lives in Leeds and has forged strong links with the roots of Lishi and with Daoists across China.



Weekly Classes

Monday  3 – 4:30 pm    LUU Jade Studio

Monday  6 - 7.15 pm    Wrangthorn Church Hall, Hyde Park Corner, LS6 1BJ

Friday  2.30 – 4 pm     LUU Room 6


£5 for membership, includes your first 3 classes

Then pay £20 for the term/ £30 for the year and attend as many classes as you like!

(or pay £3 per class) 


What should I wear?

Loose clothes you will feel comfortable exercising in e.g. trainers, tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. 


All of our classes are covered comprehensively by insurance.



"Having spent quite some years in a dance environment, I was looking for something to replace that, without putting the impact on my joints dance had.

I was quite surprised how I felt after taking my first Lishi Tai Chi class. Firstly, I felt exuberant and I was surprised how flowing the Lishi was, while still giving a gentle but deep muscle workout. My body felt loose and warmed up afterwards. Spiritually, I felt free and relaxed and I would recommend the experience to everyone."

Jane Austwick

"Since starting the classes I feel so much more relaxed. Even when exam time came I was able to keep calm and perform at my best"

Ben Esmeijer

 "I've met such a fun bunch of people at the classes and it's really opened me up to a new way of thinking that has helped me feel a lot happier"

Anya Sienska

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Regular classes: Mondays 6 - 7:15 pm in Wrangthorn Church Hall, Hyde Park, LS6 1BJ Tuesdays 3 - 4:30 pm in LUU Jade Studio Fridays 2:30 - 4pm in LUU Room 6


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