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LUUMS (Music)

LUUMS has 3 orchestras, 3 bands, 2 choirs and a composers group that cater to everyone's musical ability and taste. We're a friendly society and would love to meet you, so come along to a rehearsal!
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Welcome to LUUMS – the Leeds University Union Music Society – one of the biggest societies in the LUU. We have a history spanning back over 80 years, and have something to offer you regardless of your subject of study, musical ability or taste. There are nine ensembles for you to be involved with, two entirely new projects for the upcoming year, a chamber music competition, a piano competition, a large committee that you can become part of from Easter next year, and some fantastic social events with maybe some sport thrown in there as well!

As well as a diverse array of musical opportunities, LUUMS also has an exciting social calendar. As well as post-rehearsal Old Bar trips and ensemble socials, we have a large number of society-wide socials including nights at Revs, Otley Runs, live music events in the union and the LUUMS Ball. We’re an extremely friendly society and would love to see lots of new faces across all of our ensembles.

Auditioned Ensembles

  • Chamber Choir
  • Chamber Orchestra
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Auditions will be held in Freshers’ week in the School of Music basement, come and find us at Freshers’ fairs to book an audition or email to book one.


Open Ensembles

  • Brass Band
  • Chorus
  • Concert Band
  • Sinfonia

All Open Ensemble have Facebook groups for this coming year, join the groups to keep updated on when rehearsals will start.


Composers’ Ensemble

Composers’ ensemble is entering its first year as an official LUUMS ensemble. The ensemble aims to help composers develop their abilities by offering a relaxed, open, workshop-style environment where you can come along to hear your ideas/pieces played through to hear what they really sound like outside of Sibelius! You can also come along to ask musicians about their instruments and what is and isn’t possible on them, and you can get feedback and advice from other composers across the university. The ensemble also puts on two concerts throughout the year, providing composers the opportunity for their pieces to be premiered at official concerts. The group provides a fantastic space for composers to develop their skills on a weekly basis, and is a great way to get involved in the creative community at the university. If you’re looking to get involved, contact our composers team at or look for the LUUMS Composers Facebook group.

Piano and Chamber Competition

As well as our ensemble activities, we also offer performance opportunities to chamber groups and pianists. The first round, held towards the end of the first semester, is held in an informal showcase format. Everyone is welcome to come and play, we just want to offer performance opportunities to those who don’t get them as often! The final round is then held in the second semester, with the top performers from the first round being invited back to compete for the trophies and prize of an individual concert. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is interested in performing outside of a large ensemble. For more information, contact our concerts manager Peter at  

Symphonic Choir

Symphonic Choir, one of our new projects for the upcoming year, is an exciting new choir and is open to all singers! Large Choral works is an area of music that LUUMS hasn’t tackled much in recent years, so we are looking to give our members the chance to work on some new repertoire in a relaxed environment. The aim is to take on some well-known and popular choral works, covering another area of musical taste for people to get involved in. Singers of all abilities are welcome, although being able to read music will certainly aid you in having the most enjoyable experience. Rehearsals will be on Thursday evenings from 5 PM until 6 PM and will most likely be followed by a trip to Old Bar. For more information, contact our secretary Kitty at

Friday Feature

This is our other new project this year, Friday Feature is a performance opportunity for anyone who wants it! We’re aiming to put on monthly gigs in the foyer in the music department with no restrictions on who can play. If you’re a singer-songwriter, a jazz group or an indie band, we want to provide you with a platform to get valuable performance experience, whilst keeping a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The bar will also be open and entry will be free, so if you’re up for playing or just want to hear some good music, come along and help make this new venture a success. If you’re interested in getting involved, contact our secretary Kitty at

Full Membership

Full membership costs £20 and gives you access to all ensembles, including composers’ ensemble and symphonic choir, as well performance opportunities through the Friday Feature. Membership also gets you discounted tickets to all concerts, events and socials.

Departmental Membership

Departmental membership costs £5 and gives you access to composers’ ensemble, symphonic choir and performance opportunities through the Friday Feature, as well as discounted tickets to all concerts, events and socials.

Alumni Membership

Alumni membership costs £15 and gets you an invitation to the society Showcase Concerts, discounted tickets to all concerts, events and socials, and copy of the society newsletter.

Useful documents

  • Social Guidelines

    Should you be running a social, check out the guidelines for events you run.

  • LUUMS Risk Assessment 2013 14

    This document details the risks that can be encountered during any activities you might be involved in with the Music Society.


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Social Sec

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