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Leeds University Union Marxist Society is open to anyone who wants to learn about Marxism. We have regular meetings, talks, socials and campaigns.
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The Leeds University Marxist Society exists to spread the ideas of Marxism on campus. We believe that a better society - a socialist society - is possible, and would mean an end to the evils of capitalism: wars, unemployment, pollution, and poverty. Instead, we could live in a world where no-one has to suffer the indignity of poverty, and humankind can progress to a new era of prosperity. However, without understanding the society we live in, we cannot begin the task of changing it. The theory of Marxism is invaluable in helping us to make sense of today's society; a good understanding of the world around us is a prerequisite to changing it for the better. As the Russian revolutionary leader V.I. Lenin said: "without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary action."

We are open to everyone, whether they are a convinced Marxist or just want to learn a bit about socialism. Any student at the University of Leeds can join free, and non-students are more than welcome to get involved. The meetings are friendly spaces for people to explore political ideas and learn more about an oft-maligned tradition. There is no expectation that you have any familiarity with Marxism or the topic being discussed.

We have weekly meetings on different aspects of Marxist theory, history, and on current affairs. Typically, they will open with an introduction of the topic by a member of the society (the length varies from 15 to - occassionally - 45 minutes) followed by a discussion for about 30 minutes. We then have a small business section to discuss the work of the society, including reports of demonstrations, other political meetings, etc. To keep up to date on our activities join our Facebook group (, like our page (, and join us. We are very open to holding joint meetings with other societies to include a range of opinions and a lively debate. 

We are a friendly and sociable group, holding socials regularly through the year, and we always have a drink after our meetings - the pub is where the best discussions are held! 

We are not just a talking shop, though. We are involved in the wider labour movement, and campaign on issues facing students and workers. We have been active in supporting Jeremy Corbyn's leadership (in defiance of Labour's Compliance Unit!), and always organise solidarity with local strikes including those at the university. Our members have submitted numerous Ideas to the Union on a variety of issues, for instance on solidarity with the South African student movement. We aim to develop the campaigning side of our work further, too, and are hoping to stand members in the election of NUS conference delegates. We are also looking at launching a campaign on housing.

We are affiliated to the national Marxist Student Federation, and so have close links with dozens of other similar societies across the UK. This means we often share speakers with them, hosting guest speakers several times every term. Learn more about the MSF here:


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We hold public meetings every week, usually on a Thursday evening in the Union building. To make sure you're up to date with our events sign up for free and join the Leeds Marxist Society group on Facebook.


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