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Medaid Africa is a volunteering group that raises funds for underfunded clinics in Africa. Everybody's contribution counts so join us and experience making a difference while gaining valuable skills!
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There is no current committee for MEDAID Africa. If you are interested in running this society then please get in touch with



MEDAID AFRICA is a non-profit volunteer organisation established to provide essential medical supplies to remote medical clinics throughout Africa.

What we do

Our organisation distributes donated and purchased medical supplies, ranging from sterile gloves to surgical equipment, to under-funded clinics enabling local medical professionals to provide adequate care.

Due to their remote location and lack of government funding, numerous clinics throughout Africa severely lack basic medical supplies, heavily restricting the services medical personnel are able to provide.
As a result of most clinics financial hardship, physicians are forced to charge patients relatively high medical fees in order to purchase medical necessities. The high costs associated with medical visits prevents many community members from seeking medical care and forces some individuals to go to extreme lengths to raise the required funds.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide medical supplies to disadvantaged clinics throughout Africa in order to significantly reduce the cost of treatment; thus, enabling greater access to medical care throughout local communities.

Contact Us

Contact our society on email:


If you would like to donate money to our organisation, you can do so in multiples of £5, £10 and £20 (see below)

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