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Performance and Cultural Industries (PCI)

PCI represents students from across the School of Performance and Cultural Industries, aiming to create a strong platform for a variety of interlinking disciplines to network, socialise & collabor
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Hello, we are the PCI (Performance and Cultural Industries) Society! 

Our promise is to organise events for the students within the PCI faculty in order to give you an opportunity to socialise and enhance your time here in Leeds. Being a member of the PCI society is a first and foremost a fantastic way of getting involved with what university has to offer, meeting with the people in your department and discovering exciting new opportunities. We have lots of fabulous events coming your way this year, including the return of the PCI Panto, a themed 'otley-run', halloween soiree, christmas ball and many other theatre related socials! 

What your PCI membership gives you:

  • The ability to attend all society socials
  • The oppourtinity to obtain discounts for selected shows and events 
  • The right to vote in elections
  • The chance to gain access to a vast network of people involved with the performance and cultural industry and the opportunity to enhance your own prospects
  • The chance to be a part of our tight-knit community with mutually beneficial skills and connections

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Meet the 2017-2018 Committee: 

President: Polly Cuthbert

Hello and welcome to PCI! I am your president for this academic year and I am so excited for what this year has to bring for our society. I know university can be completely overwhelming at first, but trust me in time it will all feel just like home. I remember on the first day being completely taken aback by all the societies telling me who was best – but then PCI society waltzed on to the stage and showed a video of them dancing to Taylor Swift, and I knew I’d chosen the right place to be. The committee and I have lots of things planned to keep you distracted, so don’t forget to buy your memberships so you’ll never miss a thing! As always we have our annual pantomime in November: ‘Snow White and the Seven Students’! We had the best time creating it last year, so make sure you audition – it’s a great way to meet you people and plunge into PCI life straight off the bat. Why not take advantage of the student nights at the West Yorkshire Playhouse and come and see some theatre with us for just a fiver?! Our aim this year is do regularly make society trips to see what Leeds has to offer. This year we are lucky enough to have alumni David Cartwright of Manic Chord Theatre running devising masterclasses. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain an insight into how successful Leeds alumni are, and where you might be when you graduate! The first session is booked in for the 27th September at 7.30pm – so don’t forget to grab your tickets while you can! And of course, we’ll be heading out into Leeds for our socials including the PCI Otley Run, The Glamourous PCI Christmas Ball – so keep your eyes peeled for events on Facebook. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all.

Best of luck! Polly xxxx


Secretary: Rosie Corbett

Hi guys, I’m Rosie and I’m going to be your PCI secretary. I hugely recommend getting involved in everything the society has planned for this coming year, from the pantomime to the summer BBQ there is always something fun going on. I was involved in the pantomime this year and I can’t recommend it enough! I got to know so many great people and made some of my closest friends doing it so definitely get involved you won’t regret it! Looking forward to seeing you all in September, enjoy the rest of your Summer! X


Treasurer: Rory Trainor

Hello, I'm Rory, I am PCI's treasurer for the 2017/18 academic year. I'm in charge of financing all our fun activities including our regular socials and Christmas Ball. This is my last year at university so I'm looking forward to making it a good!


Events: Elle Wilmot

Hey PCI students, I'm Elle and i'll be your PCI Events Manager this year. My job will be to plan the Christmas ball which is always such a success! I'm also here at any time for students who have questions or worries about anything. However i'm mainly here to make sure your time at Leeds is the best it can possibly be by creating events like the Christmas ball to share with the great friends you will meet. Get involved in everything planned is my main advice and all in all you will have some amazing memories to look back on. Looking forward to meet all of you. Elle x


Social Secretaries: Hannah Simmonds and Lauren Kelly

Hey there new PCI students, welcome! I'm Hannah and I will be one of your social sec's for this year. My job is to ensure you all have the most fun you possibly can by organising different events throughout each term giving you a chance to meet other people in your department and get to know Leeds. Some things to get you excited include the Halloween social which is always a success and pub crawls. If you have any questions or queries about the course, what's coming up or general Leeds life (which I'm sure you are all going to love) feel free to speak to me! See you all soon xx

Hi PCI students, I am one of your social secretaries for this year, organising events and nights out so you get to know more people on your course and the night life in Leeds. We've got so much planned including socials, theatre trips and pub crawls. Hope to see you there!! Lauren x


Communications: Amy Wellington

Hello and welcome to Leeds!! 

We are all really excited for this year and want to make your first year and our last year as great as possible, with loads of cool existing parts of PCI, like the panto (which we were all involved in last year), and some new ideas we are really wanting to bring in. 

If you've got any questions just ask and yeah whatever everyone else said!

See u in September x


Code of Good Practice for PCI SOC

PCI Society represents students from across the faculty of Performance and Cultural Industries across Leeds. This includes Theatre and Performance, Managing Performance, Performance Design and Dance students. But more than that, as the society grows we aim to create a strong platform for a whole variety of interlinking disciplines to network, collaborate and benefit from each other’s expertise. That may include writers, photographers, filmmakers, comedians, technicians etc. from within the University and outside of it. Our promise is to organise events for students to take part in allowing them the opportunity to socialise, and enhance their time here in Leeds. Furthermore, we will provide the chance for theatre and contemporary performance lovers to create connections that will benefit them in their future.

We ensure during all our events to promote safe drinking and require our members to understand that their behaviour in public is a reflection on the society. Therefore we expect mature and respectful behaviour from the students whilst out our socials. To ensure the safety of our members risk assessments are carried out for all our events and we advise the members to read the risk assessments before attending each social event. We look forward to meeting new members and ensuring a safe environment to enjoy the time we have in Leeds.

Useful documents

  • Social Guidelines

    Should you be running a social, check out the guidelines for events you run.

THE CHRISTMAS BALL ON THE 3RD OF DECEMBER!!! Click on the 'Shop' icon to purchase your tickets. Free wine, free cocktail on arrival, a dj, three course meal, an excuse to dress up. WHY NOT?


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