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Welcome to the most adrenaline fuelled club at Leeds University!
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Blue Skies xx


The Skydiving club subsidise training to enable you to become a licensed solo skydiver.  

There are two training options to be a solo skydiver:

RAPS (Basic Course) 

Jump from 3,500ft and your parachute opens automatically via a static line attached to the plane. You then fly your parachute safely to the ground under instruction via radio.

After 5 static line jumps you progress to freefall where you pull your own parachute and start to learn freefall skills such as turns. On each jump you spend longer in freefall jumping from increasing altitudes until you reach the max altitude of 13,500ft with approx 1 min of freefall.

You can be a licensed skydiver in a minimum of 18 jumps, and then you can go and skydive without an instructor!

RAPS first jump course consists of eight hours ground school and includes one jump, the cost is £175. The second jump costs £20 then each jump after that costs around £36 (£32 in the summer ticket sale!)

All kit is included in your initial training fee!

AFF (Accelerated Free Fall)

On your first jump with AFF, after approx 10 hours ground school, you jump from 13,500ft with two instructors holding onto you.

After completing altitude checks and practice touches you deploy your own parachute.

AFF consists of eight levels, 1-3 have two instructors and 4-8 have one. Once you have passed these levels and you complete ten consolidation jumps to gain your A licence.

Because AFF is intensive and requires two instructors in is more expensive, £1609 (with a student card) for the full course including levels 1 to 8 and your 10 consolidation jumps.

Qualified and Experienced

Once qualified, jump tickets go down to £18 (£16 in the summer ticket sale and sometimes even cheaper!)

Once you are licensed you can jump with your friends and the fun really begins. Trips are run to the dropzone most weekends so you will have plenty of opportunities to skydive. We take part in the BCPA Inter-Uni League and attend the six meets a year where there are formation skydiving, freeflying and accuracy competitions.

We also organise trips to other drop zones and smaller trips abroad.


If you dont want to learn how to skydive we can help you book a tandem! You'll be strapped to an experienced instructor so all you have to do is have a brief and then enjoy the ride! This costs £230 with a student card or £260 without on a weekend and £230 Monday to Friday.


Thanks to Aerodyne Research and the University's fantastic Footsteps Fund, we have been able to secure three brand new Rigs (parachute set-up) for the club. Such an investment will enable the society to grow and become even bigger and better! We're working hard to ensure that the kit is maintained to the highest quality and continuing to subsidise tickets even further. 

These rigs are available for you to jump the minute you have achieved your full skydiving licence (as little as 18 jumps!) 

Now there's even more of a reason to get qualified as quickly as possible!


Within the UK, third party insurance is provided by the British Parachute Association and is a mandatory requirement to jump. This is required before you can jump and is dealt with via the dropzone so you don't need to do anything before arriving.

Note: Personal accident insurance is not covered by the British Parachute Association. If you wish for more cover than third party insurance provides, you would need to arrange this yourself. If you have any questions, please contact the society.

For more information regarding the BPA Third Party Insurance, see here:

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Come say hi and get to know the society! Join our Facebook page ( for details on our socials. You can also tweet us @LeedsSkyDivers Here's a quick run through of our events: ??27th Oct- Scavenger Hunt (Halloween style) �??? ??3rd Nov- Laser Quest ???? ??26th Nov- Otley Run �?�? ??1st Dec - Cheese and Wine night ??�? ??8th Dec - Christmas Curry


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