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Stitch 'n' Bitch

A sociable gathering themed around crafting, creating, knitting, crochet, cross stitch and hand sewing, along with any other craft you fancy. Frequent socials keep us stitching and bitching!
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Stitch 'n' Bitch is a sociable group of crafters who get together to learn new skills and share their passion for the crafts they do. Whether you know one end of a crochet hook from another or not, you'll find a warm welcome. We specialise in knitting and crochet, but existing members also do cross stitch, dress-making, tailoring, and card making.  We also teach knitting and crochet at every session, as well as themed workshops each month during term time, which include but are not limited to:

  • Beginners knitting
  • Beginners crochet
  • Sew-vival skills
  • Arm knitting
  • Wool dyeing
  • and much more! See the events tab for when and where the workshops are.

If there are any new a skills you really want to learn or improve on, ask us.We are more than happy to help.

The warm welcome helps people to get to know one another, and the sessions act as a drop in so come for as long as you please. Keep your eyes open for us, and our work, throughout the semester.


We meet in room 4 of LUU, between 5 and 7pm every Monday.  Come along for a cuppa, a biscuit and some crafting! You can even rent a sewing machine for £2 per hour.

Find out more via our Email, Facebook or Twitter.

Beginner kits in crochet and knitting are available to purchase online with and without membership.

Give it a go!

Our first semester GIAG will be held on October 18th, between 3pm and 5pm. We will be focused on how to arm knit, which is a more hands on and dexterous way to knit, for knitters of all skill levels.

We will be in Room 2 of the union, plus it's free. Come on by, have a giggle, and learn something new!


The Committee:

President: Toni Lovell

I'm a second year Philosophy student, and my pronouns are He/Him. I am obsessed with Lush and collecting limited pressings of coloured vinyl, and not just to hoard them! My favourite thing about Stitch ‘n’ bitch is swapping interesting tips and ideas whilst in a supportive environment. It's pleasant to be around people I wouldn't have known otherwise whilst in a casual atmosphere. Knitting and crochet are my main crafts, with a bit of sewing on the side (though this certainly needs some development!).


Treasurer: Emma Hunt-Shelley

I am a first year Classics student whose pronouns are She/Her. I am massive book hoarder and have an obsession with Alice in Wonderland! My favourite thing about Stich n Bitch is that it's just a nice, friendly group of interesting people that I probably wouldn't have met without the society. I predominantly knit but I have been known to sew and cross stitch in the past :)

General Secretary: Hannah Hargreaves

 I am a first-year Classics student. I love reading, drawing and I write in my spare time, and my  pronouns are she/her. I really like Stitch and Bitch because everyone here is so welcoming, friendly,  and happy to help you no matter what the problem is so it’s like having a little uni family. I mainly  crochet but I do knit and sew a little too although I’m a little rusty at both.


 Enterprise Officer: Liv Adu

I am a third year Geology student, my pronouns are She/Her. In my spare time I enjoy reading, photography and the great outdoors! The reason I love SnB so much is because of the culture; it is so laid back and inclusive it puts anyone at ease. I remember my first session I didn’t know anyone or what to expect but by the end of it I was discussing the role of gender in society while learning how to cast off a garter stitch. It is by far one of the most diverse groups I have been a part of. My Crochet is at a beginner’s level but my main craft is sewing I am also pretty good at knitting and cross stitch too.



Are you an avid crafter who wants to sell your products online?

Stitch 'n' Bitch have been Sponsered by the Footsteps fund to create an ecommerce website for all our members! This will provide you with your own online shop as well as business support and advice as you advance on your entrepreneurial journey.

With this membership, you will have:

  • access to the website
  • access to exclusive opportunities
  • a support network
  • a handbook guiding you through how to start a business
  • membership to both stitch n bitch and enterprise soc

All for only £30 a year!

 Launch event is in Function between 6 and 9pm on September 28th 2017.

There will be experts in business talking about their experiences and Stalls of current student businesses.
FREE drink when you get a ticket.
Get your ticket for FREE from click on shop.


Contact details

For more information or to join the mailing list, email us:

Join our Facebook and Ravelry groups, and follow us on twitter:

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facebook group


Ravelry Group     LUU stitch n' bitch        


Twitter     @LUUStitchnBitch

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LUU Room 4, 5 to 7pm Mondays during term time!


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