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St. John Ambulance

THE First Aid Society of the University of Leeds. In partnership with St John Ambulance, we train students First Aid, and provide the opportunity to become an operational volunteer with St John.
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We train students in First Aid, a useful and beneficial skill that everyone should have. Volunteers from the society can then provide First Aid for University and local events, besides being able to help family and friends or someone in need.

The FUN stuff:

  • We have a social every Thursday after our training events in Terrace
  • We have a few big events each year including our Otley run, Christmas meal and our Weekend Away.
  • We save lives - no biggie
  • Operational members can go to festivals/gigs/events for free (perks of the job)
  • We have our very own celebrity - Colin Jones  was a paramedic in the TV series Helicopter Heroes

The IMPORTANT stuff:

  • First Aid training sessions for operational members: every Thursday (6:00-7:00pm in Room 6 in the Union) for qualified St John Ambulance First Aiders only.
  • First Aid training sessions for non-operational members: every Thursday (7:00-8:00pm in Room 6 in the Union), for anyone.
  • 8:00pm - onwards TO THE TERRACE
  • More information about First aiding can be found on our website ( or for our events please check out our facebook page (

The EXTRA INFO stuff:

We are both a University Society and a local St John Ambulance Unit, within the West District of the North East Region. This means that members are either "operational" (Members of the Society and volunteers with St John Ambulance) or "non-operational" (members of the Society only). Anybody can join the society as a non-operational member, and attend our general Training sessions to pratice First Aid theories and techniques. One can then apply to be a volunteer with St John Ambulance in order to become a qualified First Aider and an operational member of the Society. Operational members attend more advanced training sessions and show committment in spending time providing First Aid for Events happening in our area. 

Existing volunteers with St John Ambulance new to Leeds can join the Society as operational members directly, by transferring to our Unit.

The Extra Extra Info stuff:

We like to learn First Aid with a hands-on approach. In general, each training session is centred around a topic. After a brief introduction, we play realistic scenarios using real First Aid equipment. We often invite medic and paramedic personnel for specialist, advanced training on particular topics. 

Operational members, who have become First Aider qualified volunteers with St John Ambulance, have the opportunity to spend time on Duty, i.e. providing First Aid for local events. These events range from club nights to sport matches (Rugby, Cricket..), concerts/gigs, village fairs, music festivals, sporting events etc.

Volunteers willing to further progress with their skills have the opportunity to attend advanced training courses, allowing them to use Medical Gases equipment and to crew ambulances for Patient and Emergency Transport services.  


To request First Aid cover for an event:

We are unable to take bookings for event cover directly - If you would like to make a request then please apply through the St John Ambulance website.
Please note, they ideally require over 4 weeks notice prior to the event start date.

This explains what St John Ambulance can provide and the overall booking process.

This is the actual booking form you will need to use to request cover for an event.



Useful documents

  • Social Guidelines

    Should you be running a social, check out the guidelines for events you run.

We meet every Thursday evening for training sessions and socials 18:00-19:00 Operational Members (trained volunteers) 19:00 -20:00 Non-Operational Members (everyone else) 20:00 TO THE PUB!


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