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What is Thai Boxing? 

Thai Boxing or Muay Thai is a form of hard martial art originating from South-East Asia, most famously Thailand. The sport differs from kickboxing through its emphasis on the use of knee and elbow strikes as well as kicks and punches. This has led to Muay Thai being referred to as 'The Art of Eight Limbs' as a Muay Thai practitioner has the ability to strike with eight points of contact.

The popularity of the sport has been boosted recently with the growth of MMA. Many Mixed Martial Artists opt to train in Muay Thai for its effective and practical techniques as well as highlight reel strikes such as the flying knee or spinning elbow.

Our Club

Leeds University Thai Boxing sessions cater for everyone whether you aim to improve fitness, learn self defence, complete grades or compete at our interspars, varsity event or an external show. Our dynamic and enjoyable sessions let people find the aspect of the sport they most enjoy and train for their own objectives in a fun and relaxed environment. Sessions genereally consist of a warm up and fitness training, pad-work and (optional) technical sparring and free sparring.

Training times:

Our training times for the academic year 17/18 are:

Monday 6-7pm at Scramble Academy Leeds
Tuesday 5-6pm at Tigers gym 5-6pm
Wednesday 4.30-6.30pm at the Edge (Sports Hall 2),
Saturday 2-3pm at Kiatphontip gym
Gaig on the 11th October at the Edge (Sports Hall 2)


Annual Membership  is £15. Membership purchased in January for just the second semester is £10

Training Fees:

Members - £3.50 per session
NonMembers - £4.5-0 per a session
Stamp Cards -  £32 for 10 sessions (available now).

Gym membership for the Edge is no longer required to access the Wednesday sessions you simply have to be a member fo the society. If you just want to try Thai Boxing out and don't have a membership, come along and get your first session free!

All equipment is provided at the gym, all you need to do is turn up with £4 and loose, flexible clothing and a gumshield should you wish to spar.
If you would like any more information just drop us an email, or turn up to one of the sessions; it doesn't matter if you miss the first sessions just come along anyway!

Our Socials:

Since the beginning of the year we have held a dynamic variety of socials, from weekly Hillsprints & Sunday Feasts to nights out at Bierkeller, Fruity, Mission etc., picnics in Hyde Park, tie dieing, absolutley rad meals at awesome Thai Restaurants (Mays Thai Cafe, Zaap Thai etc.), trips to different Uni's for fights and so many more!!

Our Trips:

Our 2015/16 year has been our most eventful so far as a society. We have organised various away trips to Interclubs held by other Universities including; "The Art of War" (Nottingham Uni Interclub), Warwick Interclub and the Sheffield Interclub. Each time our fighters represented us well and did their absolute best.

Later on in the year a trip to Thailand was organised, it was a great success. They had three weeks in Thailand with sometime spent in a Muay Thai gym.
"The camp (Kiatphontip) was great I'd really recommend it. We slept at the gym and they gave us 2 meals a day and 2 training sessions a day one 7am till 9am and one 3pm till 6pm. Training was really good, incredibly hard as you never have to hold pads you're always doing something and you get a lot of 1-to-1 time with old fighters. There's about half foreigners and half Thai's. We had beginners go and they were really great with the beginners as well. Everyone is incredibly friendly there and it's not in a tourist place so you get to experience real thailand. We went to explore the south in the last week and that was great too a real tourist experience. Thailand is actually incredibly beautiful and theres lots to do like outdoors activities and partying" - Amani Talheth Fell

Other stuff:

On top of the awesome stuff we've done this year, we have collaborated with various other societies and organisations such as Uni Girls Can, Galantines Day, Leeds Rag etc.

Join our facebook group, follow our pages for updates and great videos, they are also some of the best ways to get in touch with us! "Leeds Uni Muay Thai"

Contact Us

Captain: Kieron Rosair,
Vice Captain: Mary Lumley,
Treasurer: Peter Anderson,
Secretary: Ervin Javier,
Kit Rep: Patrick Myatt,
Social Secretary: Jon Sissons,



Useful documents

  • Social Guidelines

    Should you be running a social, check out the guidelines for events you run.

'Give It A Go' Unsure whether or not Muay Thai is the right martial art for you? Come along to our Give it A Go in Edge Sports Hall 2 on the, where we'll be training 5.30-6.30. We'll do some basic fitness and padwork, practicing the various moves that we use. Plus it's a great way to come and meet everybody! Alternatively your first session is free! So please come along to any sessions.


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