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Theatre Group

Celebrating 100 years, Theatre Group is the Union’s oldest performance society which gives its members the platform to participate in all forms of theatrics. No matter your interest- get involved!
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Welcome to Theatre Group! Formed in 1919 as the Leeds University Union Dramatic Society, and known as Theatre Group since 1945, TG is one of the University’s longest established societies. We are passionate about creating the highest quality theatre, and committed to being as inclusive as possible, giving members the chance to get involved in acting, writing, directing, and producing wherever possible.

How does it work?
TG puts on four or five shows per semester, which allows as many people to get involved as possible! We hold proposal meetings each term, giving aspiring directors and producers the opportunity to present potential production ideas. Once selected each play is given a budget, a venue, and support from the society in order to actualize the production. Auditions for these plays are open to all members of TG and are a great way of meeting other enthusiastic actors. TG also runs a shadowing scheme, in which newer members are given the opportunity to follow student directors and producers throughout their rehearsal process. Last year several of our shadowers went on to direct and produce their own plays. Each play also holds a fundraiser, which is a fantastic way to meet other members of the society and hear about our latest productions.
In addition to our plays, TG holds regular socials (in the form of fundraisers and end of term parties),  theatre trips, and workshops with professional theatre companies. Here, you can meet like-minded people and, as any TG member will tell you, friends for life.
What do we do?
We produce all kinds of theatre; specializing in scripted plays both by contemporary and classical playwrights, encompassing the funny, serious, topical and sometimes ridiculous! Last years work included plays such as 'Medea', 'Birdsong', 'Macbeth', 'Port', 'Neighbourhood Watch' and 'Abigail's Party'.
Check out some of our promotional trailers for previous shows below:
'Love and Information' Trailer:
'A Clockwork Orange' Trailer:
'Boys' Aireborne Theatre Trailer:
'Dead Wright' Aireborne Theatre Trailer:
Here are some of our 2015/16 memories:

What's next?
We are extremely proud of the high standard of work and passion behind each piece of theatre, and are incredibly excited for the upcoming semester in which we will be performing:
'A Doll's House' - one of Henrik Ibsens most famous plays, focuses on the character of Nora Helmer and her struggle to keep her secrets hidden in a corrupt marriage. How long can Nora hide in her doll house before she must join the real word?
'Trainspotting' (by Irvine Welsh and adapted by Harry Gibson) - a raw, gripping tale about the trials and tribulations of a motley group of heroin-addicted friends. Unstable, unfiltered and unapologetic, Renton and his intrepid posse of substance explorers experience heartbreak, heartaches, and heart-palpitations, all through the mystical veil of heroin's fantasy.
'NSFW' (by Lucy Kirkwood) - Carrie's getting them out for the lads, Charlottes just grateful to have a job, Sam's being asked to sell more than his body and Aidan's trying to keep Doghouse magazine from going under. NSFW is a sharp comedy exploring power games and privacy in the cut throat media world and beyond.
'Rules for Living' - Everyone creates their own coping strategies or rules for living. But what happens when an extended family gathers in the kitchen for a traditional Christmas and they follow those rules rigidly? In Sam Holcroft’s theatrically playful, dark comedy, the instructions are there for all to see, audience included – so there’s really no place to hide.
The Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Arguably the highlight of the TG calendar is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! We take two shows up each year, and like all of our productions, these are entirely student run and supported: giving aspiring writers, producers, directors and actors a chance to showcase their skills on a professional level. The cast and crew spend a month in Leeds intensively rehearsing before heading up to Edinburgh for the most exhausting, incredible, and usually the best month of their lives! At the Fringe, TG operates under the name Aireborne Theatre and have received excellent reviews: “Remember the name Aireborne Theatre - go along and see whatever they put on ****” (Scotsman).
This year we are proud to have taken both a piece of new writing and published work to the Fringe:  'When You Cure Me' by Jack Thorne; a sensitive piece about the effect of trauma on relationships and 'The Life and Death of Colin Mckenzie', both of which had hugely successful runs. Previous productions have enjoyed great success and no doubt future productions will continue to do TG proud!


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To find out more about TG please like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @TGLeeds. If you have any queries, please email us on

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