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Yoga Society

We are LUU’s Yoga Society - a group of students with a passion for yoga. We have classes every day in the Union as well as running workshops, retreats and socials. All abilities welcome!
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Hello! We are Leeds University Union's Yoga Society. Run by University of Leeds students with a passion for yoga, we put on classes every day of the week in the Union, taught by the best yoga teachers from studios around Leeds.

Anyone can do yoga, you don't have to be flexible, you don't have to be strong, you don't have to be spiritual - the best thing you can do is come along to a class and find out for yourself!
****Anyone can come to try classes and join the society at any time in the year/ semester!****  
LUU Yoga Soc has been up and running for 5 years now and we just keep growing with more and more members! This year we really want bring all the yogis together by holding more socials and workshops to ensure we take time together outside the classes. Yoga is a great way to meet new lovely people. 

Year Membership;      

£4 for students

£7 for non-students

After you have become a member, you pay fees per class £2 students and £3 non-students - easily making us the cheapest place to practise yoga in Leeds! Please pay in cash at class. 

To join us, simply buy your membership online by clicking the 'Join this group' option above. We ask that you print off and bring your receipt to class, or show it on your phone, and one of the committee members will give you your membership card.



All of our classes are suitable for absolute beginners, except Intermediate Ashtanga with Marie which is aimed at those with a little Ashtanga experience. Feel free to try several different classes - everyone has their own preferred style. See you on the mat!


~Tantric Flow with Roisin~

I have in recent years started incorporating Flow Yoga with Kundalini in a class I’m calling Tantric Flow. It’s similar in the likes of Shiva Rae’s Prana Flow and Sianna Sherman’s Mythic Yoga Flow, both of which inspire me greatly. In my Tantric Flow teachings, breathing is used to open the body as we move or hold certain postures and then meditative Tantric methods are brought in to really feel and direct those shifts. Mantras are used and some chanting but there are also beat-driven vibes for the flow. The emphasis is on bringing enjoyment and centring the body in a fun, sensual way, whilst working to expand the energy in a more collective ideal.


~Power Yoga with Jason~

A dynamic form of yoga suitable for all levels. Based partially on the Ashtanga yoga system, this is a flowing sequence of standing and seated postured designed to develop both flexibility and core strength. Both fun and challenging, this yoga system will also develop an overall calmness to the mind, which in turn can reduce stress.


~Ashtanga with Jason/Marie~

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga, synchronising deep breathing throughout the practice with a traditional sequence of postures; sun salutations, standing postures, seated postures, and finishing sequences. The Vinyasa is the linking movement between the postures – this continuous flowing movement heats up the body during the physical practice, and the full deep breathing additionally calms the mind.


~Yoga for Health and Wellbeing with Beth~


Come along to Beth’s Hatha class to be led through a relaxing and rejuvenating sequence. Get deeper into those poses week by week and enjoy the camaraderie of the group as you journey together to develop your practice. If you want to chat, stick around for the discussions on living your yoga and learn to live a blissful life at Leeds! Because yoga’s not just about learning to touch your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down.


Do you want to learn more about yoga and how it can benefit you? Do you want to connect on a deep level with your practice? These workshops will explore different elements of yoga every week, from proper breathing, to sun salutations, asanas and relaxation. Understand the benefits, know how to access them and discover the power yoga can unleash in your life. A more detailed description of each class will be posted with the weekly timetables.


~Strala with Helena~

Strala is the moment system that ignites freedom. Strala focuses on moving over posing. Discover how to move through postures that can be easy and challenging with a calm ease. This is suitable to all levels because we learn to move how to feels good to move; you only do things that feel good for you. There are no expectations. I try to provide the space and structure for you to find a flow that gets your body moving.


~ Self-Practice with Guidance and Adjustments with Chelsey~

Drop in anytime between 10-11 to develop your own yoga self practice. Mats provided, enjoy having a room and mat to do what you like with. Learn the sun salutations off by heart and get the opportunity to ask questions and have adjustments. A great way to further your practice, or start building a strong foundation if you are a beginner!


~Kundalini with Roisin~

Kundalini is a massive dormant energy that holds our full potential. Kundalini Yoga works to uncoil that potential – to awaken and rise it up from the base of our spine. The exercises in a Kundalini Yoga set or meditation may involve repetitive or holding postures, some are dynamic, others very still, some use mantra, others visualisations. Every class is different in this way. Also known as The Yoga of Awareness, for its ability to bring insight into the practitioner on a deep and psychological level, Kundalini Yoga is potent and powerful and will shake you up – in a good way. It gets you physically and mentally fit and fast.


~Sivananda with Chelsey~

Sivananda is designed to work your body in perfect harmony and balance. It consists of proper breathing (pranayama) and warming Sun Salutations to start, followed by 12 heart opening postures (Asanas) ending with a guided body scan meditation (proper relaxation).

The essence of the Sivananda sequence is its rhythmical alternation between stimulating stretches and deep relaxation. The deeper you work in the intense stretch fired by the pranayama that connects the body to its battery, the solar plexus, the sweeter the relaxation.

The rhythmical alternation is key to releasing tense muscles and activating the para-sympathetic cooling nervous system that allows for recuperation. By the end of the sequence, in final Savasana, when we absorb the effects of the practice you can feel the process of rest and repair in every cell of your body.


~Yoga Flow with Chelsey~

Ignite flow and freedom.

The intention of the class is to feel the flow and grace in and between the postures, in an almost dance like manner, moving to the music rather than aiming for the perfect pose.

After a chosen pranayama exercise, the class gets going with warming Sun Salutations transitioning gracefully through strong grounding standing postures and balances down to seated postures.

Heart opening back bends and restoration postures to release the hips ending with a silent Savasana with massage adjustments to send you into a surrendering relaxation to close the class.


~Gong Bath Meditation with Roisin~

Relax and Restore yourself with our Friday afternoon Gong Bath and simple Meditation chill out sessions.

The gong is a healing tool for the nervous system, creating deep relaxation and release from the torrent of thoughts one may be experiencing. It also stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning, flushing out any blockages or toxins and clearing the chakras (energy centres) of the body.

My gong is tuned to the planet Neptune, which works to break down the illusions created by the mind and recreate a feeling of unity. It’s watery in nature, pushing through blockages in emotions and offering a sense of deep relaxation.

We’ll start each session with a brief, easy meditation and maybe a few stretches to prepare ourselves for the Gong Bath. You simply relax then, on the mat and let the healing vibrations of the Gong wash over you.

Please wear warm, comfortable clothes and bring a blanket.



Yoga Timetable - 2016/17

*Please note slight timetable changes will occur in certain weeks due to room bookings or adding new classes, so always check your emails and our facebook page at the start of the week.

12-1 Tantric Flow with Roisin, Room 6
5-6:30 All Level Power Yoga with Jason, Room 6

3:30-5 Beginners Ashtanga with Jason, Room 6

10-11:30 Beginners Ashtanga with Marie, Room 6
1.45-3.15 Yoga for Health and Wellbeing (class) with Beth, Baines Wing SR 2.15
3.30-5 Yoga for Health and Wellbeing (workshop) with Beth, Baines Wing SR 2.15
6-7:30 Strala with Chelsey, Marquee outside union (there are heaters)

10-11 Drop-in Mantra Meditation with Chelsey, Room 6
3-4.30 Intermediate Ashtanga with Marie, Room 6
4:30-6 Kundalini with Roisin, Room 6

12-1 Sivananda with Chelsey, Room 6
1-2:30 Yoga Flow with Chelsey, Room 6
2:30-3:30 Gong Bath Meditation with Roisin, Room 5

***Meet at the locker outside room 6 in the union to collect your mat and pay 15 minutes beforehand - max capacity 50 people so get there early!! **** 

Ideas for 2016/17

  • Hold regular and a variety of socials e.g. Meals, nights out/ in, Global Tribe Cafe, Hansas
  • Yoga in the park
  • Yoga Soc T-shirts
  • Yoga in the community
  • Yoga Soc Voluntary work
  • Annual Yoga retreat
  • Promote the health benefits of yoga
Classes are held upstairs in ARC corridor on the 2nd floor of the Student Union, and in the Baines Wing which can be located on the campus map, here -
For classes in the Baines Wing, meet at the locker outside room 6 in the union 15 MINUTES BEFOREHAND to collect mats, and walk over together.  
We recommend that you arrive at least 10 minutes early to all classes so we can start promptly, and because some of them get very busy so if you're late you might not get in!! We provide mats and all other equipment, just come in loose, comfortable clothing. 

For more information and descriptions of each style of yoga offered, see our website;

If you have any questions please feel free to message us on facebook or send us an email on

See you on the mat!

Namaste x

Follow us on instagram @luuyoga!/LUUYOGASOC


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