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It is important that you attend all your teaching sessions at University.

Since 2009/10 all Schools and Departments of the University are required to monitor students’ attendance and report absence.

If you are not able to attend a class you should let your tutor know. You may be excused for reasons such as ill health, bereavement or serious personal difficulties.

You can self-certify for illness up to five days, for longer periods you would need a doctor’s note. Absence is not authorised for reasons such as traffic problems, family celebrations or paid employment. There is more information on what to do if you are ill in the Taught Student Guide.

If there is a problem with your attendance your School/ Department should contact you to find out why.

If a problem continues you may become subject to a disciplinary procedure called the Unsatisfactory Students Procedure, which can ultimately result in expulsion from the University. You should be contacted in writing if you are affected by this.

The University has produced a Guide for Taught Students on Attendance Monitoring (PDF).

There is attendance monitoring guidance for research students at the Regulations, Codes, Policies and Procedures page at Research Student Administration.

All students’ attendance is monitored. Student visas are reliant on acceptable levels of attendance. There is now requirement for the University to report to the UK Borders Agency if a student does not comply with the terms of their visa. Therefore, international students on student visas should be particularly aware of the attendance requirements.

If you are having any difficulties with attendance you should let your Department know as soon as possible. If you have not been able to resolve things with your Department or are worried about your attendance you can contact the Student Advice Centre for help and advice.

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