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If you are unhappy with your course or any of your modules you should discuss your concerns with your personal tutor, or anyone else in your School you feel comfortable approaching, before making the decision to switch modules or change to a different course.

Changing Modules

The Taught Student Guide's Change of Module page explains how to go about changing modules.

You cannot normally change modules after your fourth week of teaching, so it is important that you read this as soon as possible. If you do not understand any of the terms, you can contact the Student Advice Centre.

Changing Courses

Things to consider if you are thinking about changing courses:

  • Your funding might be affected - see our Money Advice pages for further advice or contact us. It's important to be sure this new course is right for you as any future funding might be affected by previous study.
  • It might be helpful to seek careers advice from the Careers Centre, or talk to tutors and students on the course you want to change to, to make sure you know what to expect.
  • If there is no room for you on the course you want to join, you may have to wait until the following academic year.
  • If you are an international student changing courses might affect your immigration status, especially if you have to take any temporary leave. You should get immigration advice from the International Student Office. You should also check with your funding provider whether a change will affect any funding you receive.

Changing to another course at the University of Leeds

The Taught Student Guide's Transfer to a new Programme page explains how to transfer to a new course at Leeds.

If you have to wait to transfer, you may need to take temporary leave until you can join the course. Temporary leavers are not usually entitled to student funding, or welfare benefits. If you would like more information please contact the Advice Centre.

Changing to a course at a different University

If you want to leave the University permanently, please read the Taught Student Guide's page on Permanent Withdrawal

You will have to meet the entry criteria for a new course, and the new University may want to interview you and ask why you want to change courses. Researching the new course thoroughly means you can explain why it will be better for you than your previous course.

If there is not room for you in the new course you may have to wait until the following academic year to begin. If you withdraw from University until then, you will no longer be a student. You will not be entitled to any student funding and if you live in the UK you will have to pay council tax. 

If you have signed a housing contract in Leeds you are likely to be legally bound to paying rent for the rest of the year, even if you are leaving the city. For more information see our Housing Advice pages. If you are in University accommodation you can be released from your contract when you sign a Leavers Form.

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